Malawi #2 ministering to children

We have had an amazing and very busy week here in Malawi.  The team completed a new cement floor in the Orphan Malawi #2 2014Rescue Unit pavilion and yesterday did a presentation for the local villagers (Yao tribe…  Mostly Muslim ).  We did music (including two new Chichewa songs the team just learned), puppets, drama and testimonies.  Today we travelled to the drilling site about 36 km away and dug the trenches and pits for the drilling fluid.  The local chief (also a Muslim …) greeted the team warmly as did many villagers..  Both children and adults.  The team shared a few songs and then the villagers asked to sing for us!  The sang in their language that our team is beautiful.  About 40 stayed with the chief and sat in the shade watching us work all afternoon.  We finished around 4pm and just returned to our base at the Rescue Unit.  We plan to visit another village by foot tomorrow for more evangelism.

We plan to do evangelism at another village tomorrow.  We expect to receive the drilling rig on Saturday and then move the team to the sight on Monday to start drilling.  It should be a very busy day but we will try our best to get the Monday report out on time.   Here are a few testimonies from the team members…

Meredith Stack- we have been in Malawi for over a week now and every moment has been a learning experience…  From learning to carry water on our heads to learning more about our Lord and Savior.  The missionaries at the Rescue Unit are incredible people and are serving God faithfully in a place where many missionaries do not come.   So far we have replaced a concrete floor, played circle games with the orphans,   Pumped tons of water from the well… Literally… And currently we are digging ditches at our ‘soon to be’ base in preparation for drilling a well in a village.  Most importantly of all… We’ve been able to be the hands and feet of Jesus by sharing the gospel with the Malawian people and just by sharing Christ’s love.  I cannot wait to see what God will do and show us these next couple of weeks

PS. The food that Deborah and Miss Gay make us is sooooo Good

Ally Wall-  Hey ya’ll!  I have learned so much here in Malawi.  I’ve learned that being a team means working together so that we can accomplish great things as one family.  I have made so many new friends and I have a ‘sisterly’ family (because we are all girls…). I can’t wait to see what God has I store for this team and the next teams to come.

PS well drilling and playing with orphans is a must have for everyone. They prove that There really is a God that cares about all the little children of the world and a way to the water of life and water to keep you alive.  



  1. We were so happy to hear from Ally and to learn than things are going well for the team. Sounds like God is knitting everyone together, which is awesome. We are anxious to see Ally and hear some of her stories and see the photos. You are continually in our prayers!!

    Dean and Phyllis Kokoros

  2. Meredith,

    I am totally blown away by the amazing ministry God has called you to this summer in Malawi!! I was so blessed to read the Asheville Citizen-Times article about you and the ministry. I know He is working IN YOU AND THROUGH YOU to accomplish His great and high purposes! We are continuing to pray for you, the ministry team, and ALL those who the Lord leads into your life! God is truly using you to impact many, many lives for Christ!!

    In Christ,

    coach brown

  3. Meredith,

    I am totally blown away by the amazing ministry that Gad has called you to this summer! I read the article in the Asheville Citizen-Times just last night, as I had been out of town for a while, and am so blessed to learn all that God is doing in you AND through you! I know that God is using you to impact many, many lives for Christ for all of eternity! We continue to pray for you, your team, and all those who God will bring into your life!

    In Christ,

    coach brown

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