Old West in New Mexico

Howdy Howdy! We are having an Amazing time here in New Mexico. We are so glad to have a work project for this 25 United Statesteam. They really are hard workers and have shown it through the progress on the worksite. The team has been pulling the tires out of the canals /gully. After they are pulled, the tires get holes drilled into them for drainage. They are then pulled into the area where Mt. Sinai will be built. The foundation of Mt. Sinai is nearly complete and it is only the third day. They are hoping to get all of the tires out of the riverbed and placed into Mt. Sinai by the time we leave which will be in another week. The weather has been much cooler since our time in Utah. It has rained almost every night. Last night was the first night we were able to have a campfire. The team enjoyed evening devotions around the fire. Tomorrow is the day the male and female leaders switch roles. The men will be in the kitchen while the women will be at the worksite. The team has been anticipating this day for quite some time. One of the male leaders on the team is part Navajo and He has promised the team that one day he would make them Navajo Tacos. We are hoping to have smores by the campfire one night soon as well. We really covet your prayers for this wonderful Team. They are really growing and learning how to adjust attitudes and understand personality differences. We leaders have enjoyed each one of them and are really excited to see how much more they will grow in the days to come. Thank you again for all of your prayers.
Hello all. Our current location is Vanderwagen, New Mexico. Every morning and every night is cold and rainy. The past two days I have been drilling holes into the tires for Mt. Sinai. I promise you that by the time I got home I will be muscular and ripped. While I have been here I did my personal testimony it was hard and fast. I didn’t want to do it, but I am glad I did. What I have learned so far is that hard work pays off and a good Attitude means everything. The boys have gotten a
lot better too 🙂
Kalaya Beyer
When we arrived here in New Mexico, it just started raining. It was kinda refreshing. The next morning we got up to work and we started pulling tires for Mt. Sinai. We are now on the second layer and its quite an achievement. The time in between the beginning and how other has been frequently changing weather. Brandon, Mom, and Cloie it seems the closer I get to home, the farther away I feel, but I know that I am in your hearts and you are in mine. I love you guys so much. Keep praying for me and My new adventure.
Jacob Meyer


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