Philippines update

Monday afternoon I went to the post office in search of our mail. We had been assured that all our mail would be Philippines 2014delivered directly to the church, but it was unusual that we had not received anything since our arrival. Sure enough there was two large stacks of mail sitting on the desk at the post office waiting to be delivered to us. They told me just to keep checking back because waiting for local delivery could take weeks! It was good to get mail from home!

Monday evening Typhoon Linda arrived around 8pm. It rained and rained for 24 hours straight! We got at least 5 inches of rain in the first 8 hours. The team has been sleeping in the church, so they had a good night of sleep listening to the rain and enjoying the cooler temperatures.

Tuesday was full of rain; businesses and schools were shut down because of the Typhoon, everyone stayed home. We were unable to work, so we focused on classes and memory verses. Now that the team members know almost 30 verses they are enjoying quizzing and are getting very competitive. Tuesday afternoon the team went to visit the tent city. We were expecting to see tent after tent, but this was different. There were tents setup up here and there around all the rubble and torn up buildings on the beach. Every clear spot of land was taken by tents. The buildings were ransacked, but the rubble was pretty much left as it was since the storm.

From the team:
The Philippines has been an amazing experience. In the mornings we go to villages close by. It is quite humbling to see what they live in and watch all the children excited and swarming around. To see their faces light up when we hand them a juice box and a roll is such an amazing experience. Last time we went out a group of boys started to play basketball in a cleared area and asked us to play with them.
-Hannah Peters

I am very excited about the ways God is using our team in Tacloban. We have been bringing food to devastated villages and sharing with them the eternal love found in Jesus Christ. We are also adding additions to the church. Please pray that God would continue to bless the Filipinos through us, as well as continuing to change our team to reflect Jesus more and more.
– Connor Henderson

Being here has been an incredible experience. Everyone is so nice and happy that we are here. Children come running toward us and seeing the smiles on their faces brightens the entire day. I tried balut (17-day old duck eggs) last night, that was interesting! I will never forget this place. Teaching these families about the glory of God is amazing. Thank you friends and family for the prayers and support! Love you!
-Ahrissa Mendenhall



  1. Becky Overstreet

    I am so proud of all you guys that you would take your time to do a mission trip to further the Kingdom of God. What a blessing you are to your family and friends. Keep up the good work, and especially to my grandson, Connor Henderson. I love you Connor and pray for you while you are away.

  2. Keep up the great work! Looking forward to hearing your stories Bailey W 😀

  3. Thank you so much for the update!!! I am so thankful that you are all safe. Also glad to hear that the team was sleeping in the church during all that rain. Praying for the team(especially Cherith:) I know God will use you as you minister and give out His word. The typhoon just might make hearts more tender and open.
    Love and Prayers,
    Cherith’s Nana

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