Projects continue in Australia

Monday afternoon the team got to hike to a waterfall with a very picturesque view of some of God’s amazing creation! Australia 2014It was a great time to spend with the team admiring nature. The water was very cold but Katie and Lydia were brave enough to test it out.

Tuesday was another long day of work as the team did their best to beat the rain. God rewarded their hard work by giving them a beautiful sunrise and a huge double rainbow the next morning! Today (Thursday) the team is finally getting to lay down some concrete in order to finish a side walk while others work to complete their main project of levelling the ground for the new chapel. Tomorrow, the team will get to minister to a local youth group for their “American Theme Night”, and on Sunday they’ll have the opportunity to run the children’s program at another local church.

We (the leaders) have seen tremendous growth in each one of these team members and we ask that you pray with us that they would stand strong in their renewed passion for Jesus Christ as they begin looking forward to going home.



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  1. Hello Chance Tullis! Great picture! I can’t wait to hear your voice, and all the stories you’ll have to tell us! Love you

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