S. Africa shares at Sunday School

Over the past couple of days, we’ve had several opportunities to go out and teach sunday school with MSSM (Motorcycle 28 South AfricaSunday School Mission). On Wednesday, we went to an area nearby that is rows of metal shack homes. With a few BMW interns, we went from house to house sharing the Gospel with them and giving them hope. It was really eye-opening to the team to see how people live in what we would consider a trash dump in the U.S. Later on, we started Sunday school. We did a few puppet songs at first to draw in in the kids and then one of the interns taught the Bible lesson. Afterwards, we played some phonics games that we made up at Boot Camp and then split up in groups to work on chalkboards. Before we left, we played a few more games before heading back to the base.


Today, Savannah, Elizabeth, Emily, Kara, Hannah H., Phillip, and Elise went out in the morning to help teach another Sunday school while Gracie, Hannah R., Cierra, Noah, Madeline, Sammy, and Caity worked on clearing land for the fence line, pouring concrete for the fence posts, and dragging the posts to where they were needed. Dragging the posts is no small task as in the posts weigh about 200-300 pounds! In the afternoon, the groups switched so that all of the team could help teach Sunday School. The team continues to be amazed at how fast our time here is going. Please pray that we would be able to accomplish much in the time we have left and to make his name known among the nations!


Hello from South Africa! We finally made it here. I know God has given me a heart for children and one thing I love most are the beautiful children. We get to share God’s love with them and do puppets and play games for most of the day. One girl I will never forget is Khutso. From the moment we met we became great friends! I can’t wait to see what else God has in store for me while I am here.

-Madeline S.


I have been learning here in South Africa that you don’t need stuff to have fun or to satisfy yourself. These people literally have nothing but garbage and God. I have way too much of everything. I’m going to give a lot of stuff away.

-Savannah R.


South Africa is great. I love the people; their faith is so strong, even when they have next to nothing. We went out with MSSM yesterday and we are going out again today. I love my team. This is the best summer ever!

-Hannah H.


South Africa is amazing! I love all the kids. It amazes me to see the joy in everyone when they have so little. God is teaching me through them to be content in any and every situation. It has been a real blessing to be here.

-Elise H.



  1. I am so happy that Noah is doing work for the Lord and in South Africa no less!!! I wish I was younger and could do it with him!! We miss you and are very proud of what your team is accomplishing. Love You! Mom and Sarah

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