Team blessed with Ugandan meal

This will be our last report from Koboko.  We are finishing up and preparing to travel back to Jinja on Saturday.  We had Uganda 2014originally planned to travel back on Friday but the gate we had made for the front of the courtyard was not finished until Wednesday evening so we needed another day to get it installed properly.  We are working on that in the rain today and tomorrow we will pack up and make one last trip into town for snacks and such and then start our journey very early Saturday morning.  We will go to church in Jinja on Sunday and have a sightseeing and shopping day on Monday.  Tuesday will be final packing and then off to the airport on Wednesday.  It’s strange to think that our time here is that short.  We have grown quite comfortable in our life here.
Last night, the staff here prepared us a traditional Ugandan meal.  We had chicken and beef, rice, potatoes, cassava, chipotti, and poisho (the traditional maize dish).   It was delicious.  We all ate way too much, but it was all so good!   We enjoyed cooking together with them and learning how to make the dishes they enjoy.   Renee was the KP for the staff and Roman and Derrick enjoyed helping to catch the rooster and kill it and two chickens for dinner.  Mindy saved the day by catching the runaway rooster.  Her animal skills come in handy!  🙂
We walked up the to primary school near our property on Monday and did a team presentation and played soccer.  The game was called due to bad weather but we had a good time playing with the children.
In Devos, we were led by Daniel last night who shared a story on the wisdom of King Solomon.  We also heard from Aaron who shared his testimony.   Evening team devotions are always a good time each evening.
The team has been receiving mail and love getting letters from home.  Everyone is healthy but a few are experiencing a little bit of stomach the last few days.  Thank you for your prayers!  Keep them going up!!
From Claire:  Yesterday one of the staff members here cooked our team a fantastic Ugandan meal.  It was so good that we all ate until we couldn’t eat anymore.  We are having a great time bonding with the orphans and with each other which might make it harder to leave.  The Ugandans seem  to love our presentations and laugh at the dramas and puppets.  It’s been an amazing experience here in Africa.  Seeing the way they worship, how they preach, and noticing the amount of faith the Christians have in God, even with the little amount they own.  I miss and love you all back home.



  1. Great to read the reports about your team.
    Praying that God will bless and keep you safe. Also for all the children you will be working with.

    What an amassing experience in Africa.

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