Only three more days here in Haiti!

Only 3 more days here in Haiti! Wow! Time has gone by quite quickly in this tropical country. Sunday we will be 06 Haitileaving to stay in the Dominican Republic until Tuesday, which is the day of our flights departure. If there is anything we are all looking forward to it would be air conditioning, that will be pretty fantastic! As we close out these last few days we hope to continue to be lights to the people here, to be examples, and to show God’s love to the people here. We have enjoyed this all very much, God is good in what He has done on this team, and through the team members. We have had some trials to get through, but through each one we were able to place our trust in God and get through each one. The team members are tired, so a relaxing last couple of days will come as a treat to them, (no complaints in getting more sleep). We did a presentation for a nursing home on Tuesday! That was a tremendous experience, seeing the team interact with the elderly was really nice. There were lots of smiles all around the nursing home. They all seemed to enjoy the presentation, and we are praying that we left a seed in their hearts, God is good, and we know He could have used that to soften harden hearts, and penetrate those who need the Word of God in their life. To many this was one of their best experiences, so we are really glad God provided the opportunity to present here. We have seen many tarantulas here, beware, there are pictures, the kids thought they were cool, of course… None have gotten in the tents, but there have been many big ones crawling around, each getting killed by the bottom of someone’s boot. The team members are saddened to leave the children who have grown accustomed to seeing and playing with us, they are all so adorable. We have been blessed to be able to spend so much time with the kids, and we have grown to love them as they have grown to love us as well. So, as we leave, we thank God for our time here, and we praise Him for the opportunity He has given us to grow this summer, and to serve Him in this manner. Thank you all for the continual prayers, they are much needed still! Prayer for energy, especially during pack-out, for minds willing to do work, for team unity, for patience with one another, to live out what Paul commands the Philippians to look out for the interests of others, and to do all things without complaining, and to do all things heartily as unto the Lord. All the team members say hi to their parents, they miss you, they love you, and they can not wait to see you all!




  1. See you soon, Molly…miss you bunches….and thanks to all the team and the leaders for your work and love for the Haitian orphans. You will all be missed. Thanks for the reports on what was going on with the team during your stay. God Bless you all and prayers continue for your safe return to the states and back home.

  2. Our family has been praying for your team every day! Let Rachel Cress know she should leave the tarantulas there! We are so excited to hear about her trip in person!
    Very loving friends, the Lyons

  3. We look forward to hearing from our children as they re-enter the states. We know that this experience was much anticipated and that the kids ave been touched deeply. God is at work in each of you. Know that we at home have missed you all greatly and can’t wait to hear from you and finally see and hug you on the 29th! We will continue our prayers for your safety and blessings. We love you!

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