Panama received mail!

The walls are completed, trusses are set and the roofing is going on today. We should be completed tomorrow. We will work 08 Panamaon the final touches and cleanup tomorrow.

We had a tropical storm go through today so had to stop work. We are all fine, just had a lot of rain.

We had first mail delivery today. Everyone got mail and some kids got up to 19 letters! We have no one in the “sick hut” which we are thankful for.

We will be doing open- air ministry tomorrow at the basketball court in the center of the Island. We will get out puppets and share dramas. Sunday evening we will also do a presentation at the church. Door-to-door evangelism will be done on Monday and four accepted the Lord. It was the first time for most of the kids to lead someone to Christ.

We are leaving on Tuesday morning for travel to Panama City, then Wednesday the team is looking fowrad to sightseeing day in Panama City. We will then fly back to Florida on Thursday. Appreciate your prayers as we pack up and travel to Florida for Debrief.


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  1. Congratulations, all – on the building, and helping others to find and accept the Lord! Such wonderful news!

    Our prayers are with you all as you finish up this Mission and return home to share your experiences.

    We are eagerly looking forward to seeing our grandson, and I have no doubt all the others have family anxious to see them, too!


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