Malawi Preteen Planting Trees

We started planting trees this morning, It was our first tree planting experience.10 Malawi

Amanda and Avery went with Mr. Harrison and collected goat and pig manure that we are using for fertilizer. Michael, Samuel, and Tristan did a fantastic job filling the wheelbarrow with the manure and distributing it to each hole, at the same time Jack, Ensley and Sam were digging the holes for the next trees to be planted, while Clare, Sammy and Ashton built moats around each hole to collect the rain water. Each of the team members got a chance to plant their own tree. For many of them, it was their first time. We planted a total of 28 trees, and we have about 25 more holes dug and ready to plant.

The highlight yesterday was that we all got to ride in the donkey cart. After we finished watering the trees, and putting our tools away, Mr Harrison offered us a ride back to the base with him. It was a great time to take pictures and make memories. Wednesday we celebrated Semaj’s birthday with a cake that Spicer and Ethan prepared while on K.P.

By far everyone’s favourite part of the day was when we got to go to the Aids Orphans Rescue Unit where we were able to visit with the kids, do puppets, sing for them, and play games like ‘duck-duck goose’ and ‘fire on the mountain’. All of the team members are learning some Chichewa (the local dialect) and are able to communicate a little with the orphans who are not able to speak any english. Dakota, Morgan and Annabel are doing a great job speaking and playing with all the children at the unit. As are the rest of the team members.

Throughout the rest of the week and into next week, we will be planting trees and visiting the unit on a daily basis.

Thank you so much for your prayers. From all of us in Malawi.


Sunday we went to the Kingdom Gospel church, and we did our presentation there, then we went to the “House of Joel” rescue unit and did our presentation. Then on Monday we dug some holes for the trees. Then we went to the Melissa Foster unit. Then on Tuesday we did the same thing we did Monday. Today is Semaj’s birthday and I’m on K.P.

Well that is all thats happening. See you later ~ Spicer Waddman


We have been waiting on planting trees all week, but the day we started planting them I was on K.P.

I have been doing puppets with the kids, it is fun. Ethan Cambel



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  1. Greetings Malawi Tree Planters!

    It sounds like you guys are an awesome team! We really appreciate your updates. I know tomorrow at our church everyone will be asking me if I have any news from Africa. Are mosquitoes a problem? What is the weather like? Keep up the great work you are doing. Thanks for keeping us informed,

    You are in our thoughts and prayers.

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