A day at the Mongolian Boot Camp

The Mongolian children are coming up on their last days before they head out to the field! I wanted to share with all of you 24 Mongoliawhat a day in our Mongolian Boot Camp is like.

Every morning the Mongolian children line up to run their “OC” where John is ready at the starting line to blow the whistle! From there they run up the hillside to meet Joshua at their next obstacle, Elijah’s Chariot where he will time the children at how fast they can count off.

Farther down in the OC, Caleb Ling supervises them as they go through the Maze making sure no one is talking while they find their way out.

Then they run over to Samantha who is overseeing the obstacle of the Ten Plagues as the jump between the boards, shouting them out.

Following the Ten Plagues we have Reagan, Brianna, and Colton at the next few obstacles judging to make sure they don’t skip over anything on their way to the Slough! At the Slough waiting is Veronica and Irina to encourage the team to “Jump for the rope!”

To finish it all off, they run to the wall with Aubrey and Caleb Lee supervising and making sure everyone is being safe and keeping their hands and eyes up just in case someone starts to slip.

After the OC, we eat our breakfast that always has some form of tasty rice made by the Mongolian ladies and then we get to have our 30 minutes of personal devotions. When the 30 minutes are over we meet up as a team and share what God spoke to us that morning before we split up and go teach our classes!

Our team breaks up into smaller groups and is in charge of teaching puppets, construction, personal evangelism, and drama.

After the meals and classes, we all meet back in the Big Top for rally night and listen to testimonies of the children and hear what our speaker of the night has to say.

To end our day, we as a team gather together without the Mongolians and one of our members gives a testimony while winding down and having our team devotions.

Now that Boot Camp is coming to an end, we are having to prepare our next steps. On Tuesday night, the Mongolian children will have a commissioning service as we get ready to send them off. We will all wake up on Wednesday morning ready to tear down Boot Camp and pack it all away. This is when we will say our goodbyes to the Mongolian children and then spend the next couple of days getting ready to leave for South Korea!



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  1. Praise God for a well orchestrated and memorable boot camp!! Through Christ you were able to turn in a short time what was unexpected and a much confused unknown project into a victorious life changing event for the young Mongolian boot campers. God is good!! Amen!!! Who knew this would be your task to accomplish during your time in Mongolia, AWESOME!! As you tear down the “Lord’s Boot Camp” and pack it all away for the next Team Mongolia, be encouraged for through Christ you all played a key role in preparing the young Mongolian group for their very own mission project, sending them off to spread the “Good News” that will glorify our God!! Such a fulfilling act of service, leaving the legacy of Christ’s love, kindness, understanding, patience, endurance, devotion, and obedience that no one can ever take away. God bless your hearts and may the Holy Spirit anoint you with a hedge of protection, provision, safety, traveling mercy, good health, favor and His Love over you all as you move to your next spiritual journey with Christ Jesus, through Him I pray, AMEN!! S.Korea, Heaven’s Army on earth is coming with big bold encouraging hearts, watch out!!! Team Mongolia and S. Korea, FIGHTING!!!! God bless you all!! <3 xoxo, Bribri's mom 🙂

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