Cambodia MSSM update

On July 14th we remained on the TMI base and worked on the housing unit for the base.  We woke the team up at 5:00 am so 02 Cambodiawe could start work early. It gets extremely hot in the afternoon.  We laid block for two hours and took a break for breakfast. We continue to lay block for the walls until 1:00 pm.  We took a break for lunch and complete Bible memory, libaray reading, Bible study and GG’s.  The team then was allowed for bath and laundry time, until dinner.  It was a great day to get dirty and lay a brick.
On July 15th, we got up again at 5:00 am.  We had to leave on our motorcycles to ride into the Kampong Chhnang to do a full presentation at a large christian school, Sangkhim Canaan School,.  It is a 23 Kilometers ride into the City.  Mr. Hort Hor is the Principle of the school and he met us at the gate. The school has grades kindergarten up to 6th grade, with an attendance of about 200 kids.  The children all wore school uniforms and were very well behaved.  Every time we asked them to set down they would reply:   “Thank you Teacher” in English.  It was really awesome.  The team did puppets, songs and the bible story “David and Gollietha.  We closed with playing “mingle, mingle” in the court yard.  They were excited about the game.  The principle really enjoyed the team presentation and asked to return anytime.  He invited TMI to return anytime that they have a team in the area or Bible School students.  This will be a great contact for possible Boot Camp attendees.  We also met one of the board members, that was one of the founder of the school, Kim Youmi.  She is a missionary from Korea to the Cambodia people.  Her father is also a missionary to Cambodia and they started the school together.  She took the team out to lunch after our presentation.  She is a very impressive lady and received her training at Bob Jones University in the USA.  She had many questions about TMI, Boot Camp training, our project, and the BMW.  She was excited to hear that we are training Cambodia people to serve in Cambodia.  The team made a very good impression on the staff at the school!!
On, July 16th we traveled back to Palokroleun Village and met up again with Pastor Mormsoa.  He took us to three new villages to do our MSSM presentation.  We went to the village of Thnal at 12:00, Chumteau at 2:00 and Palokroleun at 3:00. Each villages Sunday school presentation was well attended, many kids and adults.  They all love the puppets and the Bible story.  It is a big hit when the kids try on our motorcycle jacket and helmets.
We will be cleaning up the TMI base and working/cleaning the motorcycles on Thursday July 17th.  We are leaving the TMI southern base for the main base located in Siem Reap.  We have a van that will transport us 6 hours north to Siem Reap to finish out or time in Cambodia.  We will be visiting two Sunday schools that are actual in operations on Sunday July 20th.


Laura Beals
As I am spending more and more time here in Cambodia, God has been teaching me that I can’t be focused on myself.  It doesn’t matter that I’m tired, or that I have ants in my tents, or that my butt is sore from the bike. I need to be thankful that I get to be here in Cambodia, that I even have a tent to sleep in, and that I have a motorcycle to ride! God has called me to be here, and to show the people here who Christ is!  I didn’t come here to serve myself.  So I can’t be focused on myself and what I do or do not want to do.




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