Greetings from Jinja, Uganda

Greetings from Jinja!  We arrived safely about 8:00 p.m. last night.  We thanked God for a safe and sunny trip in the truck.  God 14 Ugandadefinitely watched over us as we traveled. About an hour into our trip we saw sparks coming from the truck.  We stopped and discovered that a piece of metal had dropped onto the battery and shorted out the starter.  We discovered this just in time as the batteries were very hot and steaming.  We thanked God for his provision and for the fast thinking of our missionary, Innocent. We saw many breakdowns and accidents along the road, but the Lord definitely protected us.  We saw an elephant, many antelope, baboons and monkey on our journey as well as crossing the Nile River several times.

Tomorrow, we will do souvenir shopping and Tuesday, we will go see the source of the Nile!  We are excited to get American hamburgers on Tuesday as well. Wednesday, we will be flying home!  We will miss the friendly people of Uganda but we all miss our families, too!  Look forward to a call from your team member on Thursday morning when we arrive in DC!  They are anxious to hear familiar voices from home!

In our Devos, we have heard testimonies from Olivia and Stazy.  We had a prayer circle with the staff in Koboko the night before we left.

Thank you for your prayers!


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