Greetings from Florence, Italy!!

Greetings from Florence!! The team is now at Cristo e la Risposta, or in English, Christ is the Answer.  We arrived this Italy 2014Italy 2014Italy 2014Italy 2014Italy 2014evening after a full day of travel from Pompeii.  But, there was so much that we did in between our wonderful and eventful hikes to Ravello on the coast and to the beginning of our time here in Florence.
Friday, we took the shorter way to Ravello by walking into the town of Morino and then climbing stairs up into the city.  We took this very same path the day before, but that was going down.  Going up is much more difficult and is far less enjoyable.  Yet, many of the team has made correlations between their walk in faith and in the numerous stairs that we have had to climb both to our campground every day and then the separate ones to Ravello.  Once we reached the town, we had lunch and then began evangelizing.  Many in the restaurants and shops recognized us from the day before but the tourists were all new.  Which meant a completely new set of people to evangelize to. The team’s presentation was very well received everywhere.  They then went out to talk to people.  Not having the language barrier in such a touristy place is a tremendous blessing and the team members did not fail to recognize this opportunity.  After quite a few hours of evangelism and classes, the team was able to have some free time to look around and to window shop.  But most went and bought food.  As did us leaders.  Don’t be jealous ;D
Anyhow, enough talking about the wonderfully delicious food in Italy…On Saturday we left our campground with the seemingly never ending stairs to go to Pompeii. Everyone was extremely thankful, although we do miss having lemons to put into our water.  Oh, fun fact, there are lemons that are as big as watermelons. But Joel Larson seems to believe that it is “MORE THAN A LEMON!” But that’s just his opinion.
Saturday we travelled to our campground in Pompeii.  It was slightly stressful, with some items being left at a bus stop. But, Mr. Powell was able to go back to the bus stop a few hours later. Right as he was coming in, there was a police car.  Come to find out, a Nigerian man had found the lost items and had waited patiently with them until the police came to file a report.  He waited three hours before the police arrived, which was about the same time Mr. Powell arrived.  He is an angel sent from God and we are so thankful for his kindness and compassion.  Praise the Lord!
Sunday was spent touring the ruins of Pompeii, which our campground just so happened to be across the street from.  The team was able to see the ancient  remains of the temples, houses, baths, the forum, and numerous other buildings that had once been the basis of life in Pompeii.  We spent at least 3 hours exploring the city.  It was an enjoyable outing but also a somber one.  Everyone was very respectful for what happened here thousands of years ago.  The team also learned a great deal about the history of the city and the importance of different places and items.  Did you know that the streets were often filled with water from the public fountains and thus the sidewalks were built up? But the really fun fact about that is that to cross the street, the people placed stone blocks into the street to make a raised crosswalk, which everyone enjoyed hopping across.  We then wrapped up our day and headed back to our tents to have some much needed sleep before heading out the next day.
And that is where we are at.  Today was spent taking several trains and trams and buses to get to Florence and Christ is the Answer.  Everyone arrived safely and we are all ready to be tucked into our sleeping bags inside our tents and await the adventures that God has in store for us tomorrow.  Until next time! Ciao!

“All of Italy has been amazing so far.  My favorite place, though, has been Napoli.  The church we worked with was so incredibly friendly and filled with Christ’s love, and the people we ministered to were very open and kind… I feel as though the blessing has come and gone in both directions.  The community there taught us just as much, if not more than, what the team taught them.” – Makenzie Chastain

“After Boot Camp, we traveled to Italy starting with Rome and then to Naples and then we hit the Amalfi Coast.  We have done a mixture of sightseeing, singing, presentations, and handing out tracks and evangelizing.  God has been able to work through us in so many different ways.  In Rome, we were able to sightsee and sing Italian songs for our presentation.  At Naples, we joined a church in song presentations and other projects.  On the Amalfi Coast, we hiked to a town in the hills to tell people about Jesus.  I was able to share the Gospel, along with Gabrielle and Annika to a Buddhist.  We had a very good discussion with the lady who was open to hearing the word of God.  I also talked with Hindus and Catholics.  Overall, this has been an awesome experience and the Lord has been working in my life through this trip.” – Avonlea Knoedler




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  1. It is so much fun to hear about your adventure. We are so proud of all of you and you are in our thoughts and prayers and you share God’s great news with many that probably haven’t heard before.
    Grace Ann— I miss you but we know that you are in God’s hand. Hugs Gram.

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