Honduras has busy week

Our apologies for missing the last report. When we went to send it on Thursday, the power went out. ThenHonduras 2014Honduras 2014Honduras 2014 on Friday and for the whole weekend were traveling and busy with activities with no internet access.

The weather continues to be very comfortable with a nice breeze. There has been some rain, normally in the afternoons or evenings, but nothing that has hindered our activities. The days at the conference were much hotter because we were down off of the mountains.

The team really enjoyed experiencing the beauty of God’s creation during our hike.  Seeing how simply some people live in their poverty was also a very good experience and made us remember how blessed we are.

This past Wednesday  we finished up running a daily VBS for the kids at the orphanage as they had a week of holidays. The team loved playing games, and doing presentations and crafts with the kids. On Thursday we had the amazing privilege of hiking 2.5 miles down the mountain with some of the kids from the orphanage to a small village. There we handed out tracts and invited the people to come watch a presentation. We preformed puppets, songs, a drama, testimonies and shared a message. We also gave out bibles and dolls that explained the gospel. Three people accepted Christ right then. Praise God! After the presentation we hiked the 2.5 miles back up the steep mountain. The hike was difficult but so worth it for the beautiful scenery and the lives that were changed.

On Friday morning we piled into a bus for a five hour drive to the coastal city of La Ceiba where we were housed at a lovely Christian retreat center. The team enjoyed the pool on Friday evening as well as some relaxation. Chico, our head male leader, spoke on Saturday morning to Honduran youth who came to the retreat center for a missions conference. It was wonderful to see youth from another country with the same passion for sharing the gospel as us. The team performed a drama and shared a testimony. After a wonderful Honduran lunch prepared by a pastor’s wife, we were able to go to the beach! We were having so much fun that we lost track of time and had to rush to change and drive to a church service in the evening. Even with our salty hair we still had did a great performance for the church service, and Chico shared another message. On Sunday morning we left for the five hour bus ride back to the orphanage. The drive back was made much more exciting by a stop for pizza and ice cream at lunch.

This week we are back to a regular schedule of construction work so we hope to accomplish a lot on those projects. We will be doing at least two more presentations this week as well. As a team our goals include respect and unity.

Now we are back ‘home’ — as we’ve come to call the orphanage — and are ready to begin another week of serving the Lord through construction, playing with the children and doing evangelism presentations. Our main goal is still team unity and respect for one another. We praise God for all that He is doing, in and through us!



“One week down, three more to go. The time we are spending Honduras has been amazing. We’ve been improving our construction skills in the morning and playing with the wonderful kids in the afternoon. It amazes me how passionate the kids are about Jesus: how they all pray and worship Him and how they want to serve Him. Today we had the opportunity to share the gospel with a small community living in the mountains. Even though our Spanish is not the best we could still show them the love of Christ.”   -Simona S.

“I’ve learned a lot from coming to Teen Missions. Through boot camp and now being on the mission field I have seen the Lord answer many prayers. I’ve also realized how blessed I am to live in America. I’m excited to see what else He is going to do this summer through my team.”   -Grace Dean

“Now going to Honduras and playing with all the kids I finally realize that everyone needs someone to take care of them and the world needs God. We all need God to guide us so we can choose the right path.” Philippians 4:13 ” I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. “.   – Alek Lewis

“Finally being in Honduras is better than I ever imagined! Boot camp was hard, but every day I am amazed by how it prepared us for the field. This place is too beautiful for words. I have never seen anything more lovely than a Honduran sunrise in these green hills. Even better than the view and scenery are the kids here at the orphanage! We have really bonded with them this past week since we got to do a VBS for them, and today an outreach with them. We hiked to the village of Las Joys. We did a presentation with songs, puppets, drama and testimonies for the people there. We know that at least  three people were saved today! praise God! I am so excited for what God is doing on our team. I feel like we are a family. It has been so cool to grow together through daily group bible studies and nightly devotions. I LOVE YOU MOM!!!!!!!!!”   – Emma Berdino






  1. I am so proud to be a grandfather of Grace Dean. The work that you’re doing in Honduras Is truly amazing. The leaders and the teens on this mission represent the America I knew growing up and everything of which we can all be proud.
    I love you Grace and can’t wait to hear all about this wonderful experience you are having.

  2. Praying for you guys!

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