Kilimanjaro team in Moshi

While we posted our report last Friday, the team went to Isalau High School in Boma N’gombe to do a presentation for the 09 Tanzaniastudents and hang out with them. After the presentation the boys played soccer (football) with the students and the girls had their hair braided.

On Saturday, the Lord gave us a bright and sunny day to catch up on our laundry (a nice break from the cold, cloudy mist that we’ve gotten used to) and then we had lunch and headed out again. This time we went to Sanya Juu to Arise Primary School. This primary school was open in 2012 by Frank, our Tanzanian Missionary. It’s a school to about 80 children but the school is rapidly growing. On Saturdays, they open their grounds to street children because they don’t have playgrounds anywhere else. Most schools don’t have them and those students want to come to Arise because then they can play!

While we were here, the students did a presentation to make the kids smile. We had a couple of cases where the team members were broken hearted. One girl had in infection across her face so while Keri carefully treated the wounds, Jakob and Lance sang to her to keep her calm. Ryan was able to wrap a boys ankle and help him to walk on crutches. We met a boy named Walter and he was beaten so hard that his eye fell out. The time that our team got to spend with these children probably changed their life as much, if not more, as the children’s life was changed by the team. It may have only been a couple of hours, but it was enough to soften and break hearts for a lifetime.

Sunday, we headed to Moshi. We did a presentation in St. Paul’s Anglican church, which is the church that our translator James grew up in. His father is the pastor and when we were finished, he blessed us with two chickens, which the men prepared for dinner so that the lady leaders could have a break!

After church, we went to a local high school. There the team did a presentation and Lance shared his testimony. Afterward, about 30 students were lead to Christ. Again, the boys played soccer and the girls socialized with the girl students. They loved having a chance to show us around and practice their English.

When we got home, Keri washed the hair of some of the team members to bless them, and Natalia did hair trims. The men cooked dinner and what a blessing that was!

To end the night, we had our last separate Grubby to Grace and God’s Gentlemen classes and then we joined them together for a “Waffles and Spaghetti” Class. The boys and girls were able to ask each other questions so that they could try to better understand each other!

Today, we went for a quick little walk through the forest by the base that we’ve been staying at and some of got to seem Lemurs! After that we headed to Moshi for our first shopping day. That is where we are right now, and as I write this report, the girls are enjoying a small coffee shop, while the boys are still out shopping and eating elsewhere. Tomorrow we’re taking down our tent site, going to Arusha for another shopping day and settling into a hotel that is closer to the airport. Then the team is off to America on Wednesday evening and Nelson and Natalia are headed off to Uganda. Everyone is in perfect health! Praise the Lord!

Pray that it all runs smoothly and for our safe travels. This is our last report in country!


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