Malawi #2 continues outreach

So much has happened these past few days…  We had an amazing outreach to another village on Friday.Malawi #2 2014 We did motion songs in English and Chichewa, dramas, puppets….  Kira gave a powerful, clear presentation of the gospel through a translator and Nia used audience participation to tell the story of David and Goliath.  Heather also shared the gospel using the wordless bracelet and gave them out to some of those who could repeat back what the colors meant.  Dozens of youth and kids prayed confessing their sin and believed on Jesus as their Savior. Praise The Lord!  On Saturday we were honored with a visit to our Rescue Unit from Teen Missions Founder / Director Robert M Bland and Kathy Vanderpool.  We even took a team photo together! The drilling rig also arrived from the North and with God’s help, Steve and some of the Mangochi students made much needed repairs as the sun set… finishing by flashlight. ( Thanks Curt for an awesome job preparing our parts and instructions! We are so glad to have the spare chain links. !) On Sunday we went to Mangochi and shared at a “city” church… Very different from last week but also fun. Steve, our leader, was asked to preach… Same as last week. Later, the team was able visit town and get some ice cream and other ‘goodies’.  Today we moved to our drilling site at another Muslim village .  It is beautiful out here.. Our main camp is under two large Mango trees.   Here are some testimonies from the team members:

Kira Barr – Hey! It’s Kira!  Today we packed out of the Heart of Faith Rescue Unit and arrived at our drilling site. The African sun is currently setting, the stars are coming out and I am anticipating a great moon rise. Lucy is playing the guitar, and the rest of us are singing worship songs around a fire that will soon be lit. As we begin to refer to our tents as home and squatty potties become the norm, it hard believe in a month, our team will be scattered throughout the USA and Canada attending all types of schools in near luxury. Despite an egg (just one of 90) cracking all over me on the bumpy ride here, it is impossible not to feel God’s presence here in this beautiful place with these amazing people. Thank you for your prayers.

Anna Orange – We have had a great time here in Malawi so far. Today we moved to our new site and have had the people to be so welcoming. The BMW students from Mangochi have been such a help to our team.  Aside from the craziness of packing and moving, God has really been showing himself to me. We are in a place where there is so little and yet we are so happy in everything we do. Although it can be tough, the people here have made a lasting impression on me and my team.  Missions is definately  something I plan on pursuing in the future for the glory of God.  I love you Mom and Dad, Kalli, Rachel, and Matthew.



  1. I’m so proud of you anna o! Love you and miss you….love Dad
    May God bless you and your team indeed!

  2. So proud of all of you. Can’t wait to hear all about the trip Lea when you get back. God bless all of you and be safe.

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