Panama team packing to leave

The church people will need to put in the windows, doors and floor but the team finished putting the roof on 08 Panamathe building.

Sunday night the church had a special going away service for us. This was held at the school in town and about 300 attended. The team was able to present the Gospel again. The church people did a special power point presentation for the team and presented each one with a gift; an embroidered mola (10″x10″ cloth with a special design).  The chief of the Island spoke a little and thanked the team for coming, encouraged us to continue to work and shared how grateful they were for what they did.

Monday we are packing and cleaning up. The girls will be sleeping in the building the team built tonight.

Tuesday we leave for Panama City on a boat. Once we get to the dock, we will have a two-hour drive over the mountains to Panama City. Sightseeing will be on Wednesday and then we will fly back to Flordia on Thursday. Please pray for safe travels.



  1. Praise and glory for all the hard work team Panama did. Prayers for everyone and safe travel. I know there are many parents and many kids ready to be reunited!! We love you all!! Thank you for your hard work and evangelism.

  2. Congratulations on a successful mission! Godspeed! Looking forward to seeing our loved ones!!!!

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