South Africa Update

S. Africa 2014S. Africa 2014Time has seemed to have sped up this last week with everyone counting down the days left to work on S. Africa 2014S. Africa 2014S. Africa 2014S. Africa 2014the job God has set before this team. The east wall continues to come together with over half the poles in. Friday was an exciting day, beginning with work in the morning until lunch followed by celebrating Nelson Mandela Day. This day commemorates Nelson Mandela and his accomplishments; the South African government encourages the people of South Africa to honor this day by serving the community. The team served by picking up trash in the slum as well as the local grocery mart. Not only did the team bless the owner of the grocery mart, but he was so surprised that he blessed the team by bringing them all some soda as a reward for their service! The team visited another church on Sunday giving their presentation which included Noah’s testimony as well as the song he taught the team, “Shut the Door”, which everyone has fallen in love with. Monday proved to be a productive day especially after kitchen duty, which included Lydia, Phillip, and Kara, blessed the workers with an M&M pick me up. Savannah and Cierra headed up the work on the tabernacle being built here in South Africa. The work day wraps up as the team heads in after completing much. With 9 more work days ahead we pray for safety and efficiency and that the Lord may bless people through the work we do here.


While I have been here in South Africa I’ve had a good time. I love being able to go and play with the children and on Saturdays going and evangelizing with the students down here at the base. I love the culture and how you get to socialize with everybody!



When I first got to South Africa I could tell that this was going to be a struggle. The hardest thing for me to get used to was the cold. I wore 6 layers of pants and 7 layers of shirts. Now that we’ve been here for two weeks I’ve finally gotten used to the cold. Other than it being cold I love being here.



South Africa is great! The people are so nice and welcoming. Everywhere you go people are always asking how you are doing and saying hello whether they know you or not. People say South Africa is a lot like America, but I can say the culture and life here is nothing like it. I am seeing things here I have never seen before that are giving me new perspectives on life. The wall we’re building is going great. Everyone her are great workers. I can’t wait to see it finished! Shout out to my friends James, Connor, Jacob, Phillip Daniel, Andrea, love and miss you all.




  1. I’m so impressed and proud of this group of young people! They are God Sightings to the people of South Africa bringing Jesus’ love and being His hands and feet.

  2. Prayers out to you and your leaders (Lydia). The Butlers

  3. Great news!! Please tell Noah Happy Birthday from me and Sarah! We miss him and hope he and the team are having a blessed day!

  4. Completely love the updates:) More more more:) The pictures are wonderful! We are all praising God for what’s going on in all your lives. Can’t wait to see you! Savannah, you look beautiful beautiful beautiful!
    Love, momma:)

  5. Thanks for the update! LOVE seeing Gracie in a picture!

  6. Marlaina Renton

    So proud and in awe of my kids Phillip and hannah Renton! Love you guys

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