Cameroon visits two Units

We are sorry that we are a day late with this report. We just returned today from five days at our first of two rescue units. photoCameroon 2014

We were at the Shiloh Rescue Unit in the village of Impalim. Our travel was quite the adventure. We took a 30 seater bus to the village of Fundong and then switched to two small buses for the next hour and then we were dropped off and Mr Maher took three trips with the TMI truck to get us to the Unit.  We arrived after 6 hours in the pouring rain and set up the tents while the lady leaders fixed us some supper.   The roads were very bumpy and riding in the back of the truck was quite the journey.

We loved working with the orphans!!! In the time we were there we washed the feet of 117 orphans and gave them new shoes.  It was such a blessing to see their smiles.  Thanks to Mr Stan Potts (father of team member Barbara) we were able to give each orphan a Polaroid photo of themselves.  Their faces were so funny as they watched their faces form in front of their eyes; many seeing themselves for the first time. We had many jobs we rotated through.  Foot Washing, putting on lotion and drying the feet, fitting shoes, sorting shoes, treating wounds and playing games with the children.  We saw some terrible wounds and Bella McKay squeezed a rock out of a kid’s foot.

We also did multiple puppet shows and Nik Poli presented the Gospel and 15 accepted Christ as their Saviour!!!!

On Sunday the facilitator, Earnest, preached and we had a great time in worship and Bible time we learned some new African songs.   We also had the opportunity to eat fire-roasted corn, boiled peanuts, avocado and sugar cane.

We walked out, which took an hour and a half, and then took two buses back to the base.

Everyone j\Jake , Hannah M, Hannah F, Amber , Natalie , Maddie, Levi , Janelle, Rachel, Kameron, Jessica, Haley, Katie, Justine, Emily and Gabe all shared that it was humbling and so life changing to wash the feet of those children.

We also had a game night where we divided into groups and acted out different Bible stories and came up with advertisement for different food products.  We laughed hard. We then had popcorn.

We are all well. We will write again on Thursday.



  1. Gabe,
    I’m so proud of you. God bless

  2. Awesome report! Thank you for including all the kids. Praying for Cameroon!

  3. Thanks so much for keeping us in the loop! The pictures are a special treat too. I am so excited for all that God is doing in & through each one of you and am personally challenged to be more in tune to how God may want to use me, also. God’s blessing on you all – Karen

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