GREETINGS from Malawi (Preteen)!!

GREETINGS from Malawi!! Thank you for praying for us. We are on are third week now and are doing great! On the work 10 Malawiproject they have recently put another 100 foot line out so they can plant some more trees. Mr. Harrison helped with laying out the line. He had a huge ball of string which all the kids thought was so cool and wanted to help out. Samuel Capener, Semaj Moseley, and Ensley Brogan helped Mr. Harrison lay out the line. When digging holes we have to soften the soil with water because it is too hard to dig in. We rotate everybody so they get to carry water. Yesterday Triston Colwell. Ashton Gehret, and Michael Robles carried the water back and forth while the others dug holes and Amanda Kraus and Samuel Ok gathered the thorn branches to put around the trees. A few others got to measure out the places where the next trees will be planted. Morgan Capener, Samuel Chicas, and Spicer Wadman measured out the places where the trees will go and marked them so we would be ready to plant the next day. As of Monday the 21st we have planted 52 trees and placed the 2 inch long thorn limbs around them so that they can prevent the goats and other animals from eating them. The newly planted trees they have to water everyday but we are getting to where we only have to water some of them once every other day because they are taking to the soil. We will continue to plant trees until the 24th, then we will have are sightseeing days, and then will plant trees again one more day on the 28th (the 28th is our last work day). 🙂 We also are still going to the Mellisa Foster Unit and playing with the kids there, the other day we made balloon animals for them and they loved wearing them as hats and such. In the kitchen we have two helpers everyday and they rotate between the kids. This past week on the 18th we had: Sam Ok and Averi Fillmore, on the 19th we had Dakota Mason and Jack Davis, on the 20th we had Samuel Capener and Triston Colwell, and on the 21st we had Annabelle Lane and Ethan Campbell. On the 21st they made beef filled rolls with cabbage salad and ginger snaps as desserts. We always have a good time in the kitchen and the kids really enjoy making the food. On Sunday the 21st we walked about 35 minutes to the church where we sung a few songs and had the congregation join in with us. And a few of the former team members shared there testimonies with them. Also on Sundays we have a memory verse review and the kids really enjoy the competition of seeing who can stand up the fastest to say them. Every night right before we go to bed we have vespers or evening devotions. We take turns every night sharing, on the 18th Claire Wadman shared about the 10 commandments and new way of remembering them for the team, on the 19th Jack Davis shared about kindness and the importance of being kind to others, on the 20th Averi Fillmore shared on anger and on the 21st Mrs. Paula Yost shared with the group about Idols. The kids really enjoy the time to share what God has been showing them to the whole group. The weather here is still dry and around 70 degrees during the day and at night it gets down in the 60s.


The kids reports:

Morgan Capener: We have been having lots of fun and at the unit we have an amazing time. It is a true blessing to get to spend time with these kids. We have made a lot of progress on the work sight, and the meals have been great.

Annabelle Lane: This Sunday at church there were a group of ladies that sang for us and they sung “give me a J-E-S-U-S” and we got to join in with them. And that is one of my favourite Teen Missions Songs. The work here is hard but rewarding. I love Malawi.

Ethan Campbell: I am having a great time! It is so much fun seeing and playing with the kids at the unit. My favourite part so far was to give balloons to them the other day. Keep us in your prayers.

We will appreciate it if you can continue to pray for us as we continue working and serving the Lord here in Malawi.



  1. I just found this link today 🙁 So sorry it took me so long to find out about it. Please give Averi Fillmore our love. Tell her we are so proud of her and Grampy and I (grammie) as well as our church are praying for her and the team every day. God bless. lots of love xo xo’s too

  2. Praying for all of this group. When they get home, they will be professional tree planters or think they are.
    What an awesome experience!!! Love you Kristen and Annabelle. Aunt Rose

  3. Hi, Malawi Tree Planters!
    It sounds like you are an awesome team! You are working hard doing the Lord’s work and having a good time doing it. Good for you! Thank you for the great report. It is always special to hear what you are doing. The weather sounds perfect. Here in Wisconsin it has been mainly in the seventies with little rain. Today it was in the sixties with a nice breeze which felt great. The tomatoes and broccoli in our garden are doing well. We have had a few ripe tomatoes with many more on the way. So far we have only received one post card from Boot Camp from Michael.
    I guess that means you are really busy or the mail is really slow. Thanks again for the reports. We really look forward to reading them.
    You are all in our prayers.
    Judy Larson (Michael’s grandma)

  4. Hi
    We are praying for the team every day!! May God continue to bless you guys and keep you safe. We love you Averi and are looking forward to hearing about what God has done in your life.

  5. Love these UPDATES Miss you Sam and Morgan Praying for you and your team see you soon
    Grandma XOXOXO

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