Greetings from the Old West

Greetings from the Old West. We are really trying to get used to the altitude up here. We find ourselves out Old West 2014Old West 2014Old West 2014Old West 2014of breath after going up the smallest hills. It is really funny seeing everyone breathing heavily just by walking to the campsite. We are having a great time here in Vanderwagen. The team has been working so hard pulling tires out of the riverbed and drilling holes into every single tire. They have built up Mt. Sinai to the fourth level and we are trying to build it up to seven levels. The property is beautiful and the weather has been just as beautiful. We have had a few camp fires and enjoyed smores on Saturday night. Saturday afternoon, the team got to go to a flea market to buy souvenirs. There were lots of different things to buy from jewelry to pottery. As they were shopping the team passed out gospel coins and tracts to the vendors and other shoppers. The team had an opportunity to go to a church here in the area called Grace Bible Church, and return at night for a youth group event. They enjoyed the fun night with the local youth group playing games and getting to know the other kids. Friday was Man Day for the team. That is the day when the leaders switch roles where the male leaders cook for the team and the female leaders are on the worksite with the team. One of male leaders is Native American and he made Navajo tacos for the team. It was delish!!! We are really hoping to get done with Mt. Sinai before we leave on either Wedneday or Thursday for Arizona. Please continue to pray for our team as we will be heading out soon to our new destination. Thank you for your prayers.
Wow, what an experience this has been! It has been a really great team but it’s hard. We have all been working really hard and have learned to work more as a team. I’ve been learning a lot. We got to go to the flea market and that was really fun. We also had a good time At the church’s youth group. After we spent time at the youth group, some of us got to go to McDonalds which was a real treat, because we finally had some greasy food. Overall it has been a really good experience and I am glad I came.
Ethan Zimmerman
Four down three to go! We tied most of the 4th layer of Mt. Sinai. We are so eager to get Mt. Sinai done that my lady leaders decided to only have 1 KP today and that was me. On my free time, I volunteered to work at the worksite. I ate my favorite type of soup and my leaders are very good cooks.
Richard Slaughter




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