Ireland working to complete the wall

This week the team is pushing really hard to complete our project. The foundation for the playground has Ireland 2014Ireland 2014been completed. The enclosure for the oil tanks is still under construction, We are pushing hard to finish. Kylie, Jared,  Erin,  Shayla, Joel, and Sebastian have been doing a great job on getting the wall finished; they started their shift working on the wall yesterday. We are 90% complete on the wall! Last week we got to take a dip in the Irish sea, it was cold but the team members loved it, a few couldn’t go in due to illness, but they enjoyed watching the others! In fact they had quite a crowd watching as they jumped in;  it was entertaining. We’ve made a lot of friends while we’ve been here, it will be hard to leave. The team got to go to Bunratty castle on Saturday. They had a great time sightseeing and buying souvenirs. The past week was one of the toughest the team has experienced. We had a few difficulties, but out of the struggle the team drew closer than ever before. We are also joyful to announce that one of our team members accepted Christ as a result!! We are all ready to head back, but we are also sad to be heading out.



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  1. Safe travels to team Ireland as you head back to Florida! SO excited to hear about the new believer! Praise Jesus! We will continue to pray and can HARDLY WAIT TO SEE LISA again!!!!!!!!!!

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