This past weekend has flown by in the DR

This past weekend has flown by! On Friday night, the team was invited to a church that is walking DR 2014distance from the camp to do a presentation at their children’s service. It was a VERY tiny church, but the team accepted the challenge of performing the dramas they have learned in a cramped area. They did so well! On the way home, they were able to shop at a local store and buy cold sodas, chips, and other snacks that are always a treat! Saturday was a day full of hard work. The team finished a stretch of sidewalk that goes from the pool to the Chapel and have started another stretch that will reach from the Chapel and wrap around to the front parking lot. It’s a lot of concrete, sweat and back breaking shoveling but the team is working together and getting the job done! That night, we were able to present our dramas to around 150 kids that were at the CEF camp. On Sunday, we took about a half hour bus ride into the city of Santo Domingo to a Nazarene Church. Again, the team was able to present their dramas for the children’s church and they treated us as well with a “chair choreography” routine. They used their hands and feet while sitting in their chairs, it was so entertaining! We left the church and took a sightseeing trip further into the city. We passed an arch that marked the center of the city, and started a fun afternoon at the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo. We were able to take pictures and enjoy the sights of the Governor’s Mansion and Christopher Columbus’s house, which were both built under Diego Colon, the son of Christopher Columbus, between 1510 and 1512. The architecture and courtyards were very impressive and beautiful! From there we were able to walk on the oldest street in the DR and do some souvenir shopping in El Conde. The team was so excited to finally be able to purchase jewelry, magnets and machetes while taking in the sights of the oldest church in the country, the Basilica Cathedral of Santa Maria la Menor. Amber and laramar are two gems that the Dominican Republic are known for and many of us purchased the beautiful jewels! Some of the team members were overwhelmed by the street vendors who so eagerly tried to sell them their jewelry and other items, but they were very friendly and we were able to barter nicely with them! Today (Monday) we continued to work on leveling the ground, building forms, and mixing concrete. It’s hard to believe that today marks exactly two weeks since we’ve been here. We continue to pray for all of you at home!


  1. Hi, Thanks again for the updates. If you are getting these replies. could you mention if anyone has received mail from the USA in your next update? We are all curious if you have gotten any. We know it is unlikely we will receive any from the DR. Just curious.
    Keeping you in our prayers,
    Christie and Michael Walsh

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