Team Panama is enjoying Panama City

We arrived in Panama City yesterday afternoon and we are staying at the Balboa Baptist Church. The girls are staying in 08 Panamaan apartment and the guys have the floor of a classroom. We all loved the shower and are enjoying air conditioning here at the church. The Pastor has been so generous to us and we are so thankful to fellow our servants of Christ.

Yesterday morning we awoke at 2:30 AM, took down our hammocks, finished packing the bags and were ready for the boats to come at 4:00. 4:00 AM came and went and no boats. Finally, we saw the first one coming just before day break at 5:30. We had two boats for passengers and one for all the bags. The boat ride back only took about 3 hours and we met the SUV’s at the dock in Cartie. Our journey over the mountains went smoothly and we were greatful to see the church we are staying in.

Yesterday afternoon we went to the mall, the biggest in Central America. Some of the team baught jerseys and a couple souvenirs but mostly we enjoyed the food court. There we had the option of Wendy’s, McDonalds, Chinese restaurants and Cinnabon. We arrived back at the church, showered and went right to bed. The day of traveling had taken it’s toll.

Today we will be going to the Panama Canal, visiting the museum and going to historical Old Town for some souvenir shopping. Tomorrow we will be leaving for the airport at 4:30AM for our flight to Miami at 7:00.

We would like to thank all of you so much for praying for us in our journies thus far. We felt your love, care & concern.


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  1. Carolyn Robinson

    It has been a pleasure to pray for all the teams and we’e enjoyed the email updates. It will be fun to hear your reports when you return!

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