Greetings from hot and humid Los Alcarrizos, DR!

Greetings from hot and humid Los Alcarrizos, DR! Another group of around 250 children are just arriving for a two day camp19 Dominican at the CEF base. It definitely makes for a crowded but exciting couple days! The team is hard at work preparing the forms for the sidewalk and various other tasks around property to improve the safety and cleanliness. On Tuesday night we walked about two miles to a church for another presentation. We were a little worried at first when there were only a few people present from the congregation, but shortly thereafter the church was packed….with a large crowd standing outside the church! We were truly blessed to be a part of the service that night. On Wednesday we took a sightseeing day to Los Tres Ojos, a cave in Santo Domingo. It was so beautiful to see more of God’s beautiful creation! There were several crystal clear lakes, some with turtles and fish swimming around. A short raft ride took us across one lake to see another one that was in the movie “Jurassic Park.” After visiting the cave, we bused to a beautiful beach called Boca Chica where we all had the chance to swim in the Caribbean! The water was so warm and calm. Some of the team was able to swim out and see a little bit of reef and tropical fish. It was so relaxing to sit by the water and take in the beautiful scenery. Some of us enjoyed getting our hair braided by the local woman while others enjoyed purchasing more souvenirs and little snacks. We are really enjoying our time here, and look forward to what the next couple of weeks are going to hold! Until next time…

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