The Honduras team continues to work diligently

The Honduras team continues to work diligently on their construction projects, and enjoy seeing how much they have Honduras 2014Honduras 2014Honduras 2014accomplished in their time here. This week they have moved on to painting, and they completed leveling a new soccer field. To celebrate, some of the team members played a muddy game of soccer in the rain. This group of teens also sing beautifully, and they really enjoy times of worshiping together in the mornings and evenings. Today they are blessing the community children with their voices, dramas, and puppets. Tomorrow we will be going to a school to do a similar thing, and on Sunday we will do a presentation for donors of the orphanage. We praise God for all of the opportunities to share with the people of Honduras the gifts he has given us, and most importantly, the gift of forgiveness through his son, Jesus Christ.

Patience really seems to be a theme in what God is teaching the Honduras team. Yesterday we had a Bible study on patience, and as we reflected on our lives and what the bible has to say about the topic we felt as though God had brought us all together –ever member lacking patience — to teach us patience. We recognized that when we pray for patience, God doesn’t just give us patience, he gives us opportunities to practice patience. And this week God has certainly been pouring out the blessing of many opportunities. There are interpersonal struggles, struggles with God’s will or timing, and many physical situations where we’ve needed patience this week. Although accepting these challenges from God is hard, we are growing as a team and individuals. Many team members have struggled with infected sores, and waiting for them to heal has been a struggle. The waiting has been made more difficult because we haven’t been able to spend as much time with the kids due to the sores. On Tuesday the well here ran dry, so we had to wait for rain, which came on Wednesday. We had to focus on conserving water, and carrying it from the reserve was a lot of extra work as well since we had no running water in the main building. This afternoon the water came back on, but we still pray for more rain so it won’t happen again. Every day the team waits hungrily for every meal. We waited for two weeks to receive mail, but this week it finally came. In every situation, both big and small, personal or as a team, we have been learning patience, and we have learned to turn to God in prayer. So as difficult as they are, we thank God for the challenges because of the growth we gain from them.


“Working at this orphanage over the last two weeks has been a life-changing experience. It has had it’s hardships, but God has just broken me down, and I am on fire for Jesus! I’ve grown so much spiritually here. If you could see the contrast between my life before Teen Missions versus my life now, you’d probably call it a miracle. I had no idea I could change so much. I’m still not perfect, but God is working so much on my heart  it’s insane.  He is capable of anything! Praise the Lord! Shout outs to: family, Zoë, Ian, Jack, Maggie, and Alyssa.”.  -Cadeyn Dillman

“God has been teaching me about forgiveness. I have made a lot of mistakes in my life and have never really felt like I had been forgiven or that God had pit all my sins behind him. But after being in the Prayer Closet (team members take turns praying for an hour during work and evangelism times each day), I feel so at peace. God is GOOD!  Psalm 103:12 ‘ as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.’ ”     -Kassie McNamara

“Playing with the kids is so fun. The VBS was fun as well. The work is very interesting. Some of the kids love to play football (soccer) and I love to play with them. ”    -Michael King

“Before I came to Teen Missions, my focus wasn’t on God. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to serve him, but I was just selfish. I only wanted to do what God wanted if it helped me too, or if it was easy for me. Since coming here, I have really been able to humble myself and I have been seeking God more through the easy and hard times.”   -Elisa Owens

I have learned a lot about patience from my leader Chico. He is a very good example. The Lord has given the whole team a lot of testing, but he has always helped us through them. God has taught me many things about his ways and I have come to a greater faith in him.”   -Daniel Vanderweerd

“Honduras is incredible. The mountains, the ocean… it’s beautiful. the culture is so different than it is in America. It’s humbling really, just watching all these people who own so little . It makes me realize how much God has blessed us. Working with the children in the orphanage is so much fun. They speak very little English, so verbal communication is minimal, but they’re so sweet and adorable. Over the past Few weeks I’ve been learning to trust the Lord and follow his will. Like Jeremiah 29:11 says, “‘For I know the plan I have for you,” declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and couture.”‘ I’ve learned that I need to truth the Lord because he has a purpose for me.”     -Helena Blackman




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  1. M. Juelann Vander Mark

    Just a thought after reading this latest posting, if I might.

    While is it always nice to read a progress report on what’s going on “down there” in Honduras, my soul/spirit rejoice in praise to Father God and I smile with Jesus when I read the testimonies of the teens who are engaged in this part of their spiritual journey.

    To read how God is using this experience to shed Light on the Hondurans who are being ministered to and having the Good News shared with them is awesome and yet, –as one who knows that it’s the Life-lived out through/in Holy Spirit that determines whether we’re really walking in-Christ,— when I read how the visiting teens are growing-in-the-Lord, that they are realizing that this is His hand at work within themselves—oh, that is when my spirit rejoices the most!!! … —since I know that what is being learned in Honduras will be used to further “spread the Light/Life/Fire” eve more back here at home– and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for those who’ve joyfully surrendered to His teachings so far from home.

    Honduras and such places need our help and out-reach in Jesus name, oh yes; —yet we also know that even “here” in America, Canada or wherever your teen is from—there is a dire need for God’s Light to be shed abroad in our own backyards. And so, I am looking forward to seeing God’s continual work as we all strive to work towards proclaiming His kingdom.

    ~~~ Peace, love and blessings be to all—in Jesus name ~~~
    … ps. .. if I might… “Aunty G” sends her love to her favourite nephew ~ (( you know who you are -lol ))

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