Israel testimonies

Luke Benke: It has been amazing to watch God work through this team the past two months. Between the near completion of 07 Israelour project at Hope School to the look on people’s faces as we sang in their churches, made me realize just how amazing and powerful god really is.

Natalie Gerdes: As most of you know, we were sent home a week early from Israel. Now that we are back at the Lord’s Boot Camp, we have been helping with jobs around camp. Coming back early was not the worst thing that could have happened. We were able to go to the beach after church on Sunday. There are only a few more days of work and then debrief begins.  thanks for all the prayers as we were in and leaving Israel.
Isaiah White: I am thankful for God’s protection on us as the missiles were going over Israel and while going through the check points. I could really see His hand at work, whenever we would go through a check point where they check passports and I.D.s there was never anything.  That reminds me how when we go to heaven the judge will just let us pass into heaven.



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  1. Thankful for your safe return. Prayers for all the teams until all are safely home

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