Kilimanjaro team has arrived at Debrief

The Kilimanjaro team has arrived safely at Debrief. Thanks for your prayers.09 Tanzania


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  1. Elijah Farmer, Team Kilimanjaro
    So glad you are home in the states. I hope u got your birthday pkg finally. Your mom had it, to mail to Africa, but didn’t get it mailed Tillich later to debrief. I know you had an incredible experience. I’m so greatful you were
    obedient to the Holy Spirit that started all of this. The letter you sent took 3 weeks but I was so happy to receive it. The flower leaves were so pretty. You are so loved. Hope u get to stay with me a day or 2 when u get back. I love u, and papa is glad for u as well.
    P. S. Sunday Josiah is having a birthday party, u will be missed.

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