Malawi #2 14023. Drilling Now!

The first work day was spent hauling over 1,000 liters of water to fill the pits the team dug earlier which will be used to filter 10 Malawialaweiout the cuttings of the drill bit. Some minor work was done on the rig itself. Now on our second day of drilling the drill has gone about 40 feet. While some of the team is working on the drill, the others are sharing with the crowd that gathers to watch. We have been told that many of these people have never seen a white person so they are very curious. Although timid at first, they are very friendly and genuinely interested in what we are doing.

The team has been able to share the Gospel through puppets, dramas, and with the wordless bracelet and Bible stories. The team also plays circle games with the kids, as well as teaching them some phonics.

Although we are in a remote Muslim village, The Lord is doing mighty things in our lives and theirs.  We thank you for your prayers. We don’t have many work days left so please pray that the drilling rig will continue to work well and we can leave this village with a working well producing clean drinking water.

We also ask for prayer for our head lady leader, Miss Gay, as her brother lost his battle with brain cancer on July 20. It is difficult for her to be away from her family during this time. Thank you and Lord bless you.

Team member testimonies:

So far this summer has been amazing! I’ve learned a ton of new things like how to tie steel and how to mix concrete, along with a bunch of other things. Drilling the well has been fun. This summer I’ve learned to speak a little bit of Chichewa. The little kids have been so much fun to play with and to teach them English. The women of the village are pretty awesome. They have to come up to shake our hand, play with our hair and touch our faces. This trip has been amazing and it is sad to think that it is almost over. (Hi, Mom!) – Lea Anderson

This past month has been amazing. From Boot Camp to actually arriving in Africa, it has been such a journey! It is one thing to be at Boot Camp and learn things that you are going to do, but to actually apply them is awesome. The best part of this experience is probably seeing the village kids and how happy they are when you play with them or do dramas and puppets. The worst part is knowing that we don’t have very much time left here and that even if we come back we probably won’t see the same kids again.  The funny thing is, even though I miss my family and friends, the thing I am most looking forward to is sharing my experiences: the opportunity to drill, working with the kids, and being able to be a part of this awesome team. This is definitely the most unique and fun summer I have ever had. – Nia Omega


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  1. Oh my gosh… finally something from Lea… love my girl and so proud of her, She is amazing. Doing some great things and you are improving people’s lives. God has been good. Safe journey home see you soon. Thankful for your loving heart. Love and miss you mom

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