Malawi Tree Planting 14072

Malawi Tree Planting 1407210 Malawi

We’ve planted a total of about one-hundred trees, we’ve went from the Teen Missions base on Lake Malawi to Cambodia (Our campsite). The tree line really defines the boundary, keeping the property line visible. Some goats got to some of the trees, so we had to replant about eight of them. This morning we worked on cutting more thorns to protect the trees from the goats.

We’ve been busy practising for our debrief presentation, and preparing for our last few days here.

At the Rescue Unit the past two days we’ve passed out wordless books and bracelets. Dakota Mason and Samuel Chicas got a chance to share in front of all the children, and Mr. Gift translated for them. Wednesday night for dinner we got to eat the national meal (nsima, beans and a snack food, almost like chips) then one of the staff here shared about the history Malawi. The meal was delicious. Greetings from Malawi.


We are starting to wind down and are getting excited about Senga Bay and the Safari. We are up to 93 trees planted and counting. We have been blessed by Mr. Pier to give us trees whenever we need them. Everyone has been safe, and we are continuing our friendship evangelism at the unit. We had out national dinner last night, and enjoyed it all. We cannot wait to see out family’s in just a few days. ~ Amanda Kraus


This week in Malawi has been one of the more exciting weeks. We went to the rescue unit and played ‘fish’ (Also known as jumprope). Playing the games of Chinese jumprope, football, fish, and Duck-Duck-Goose makes me happy. We have taught the orphans with balloons, puppets, songs, wordless books and bracelets. I even was honoured enough to present the gospel through the wordless bracelets. I pray that I am able to continue friendships and teachings of many sorts with the children here. ~ Dakota Mason



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