Myanmar/Cambodia update

Hello from hot and humid KC!

Tuesday – We left our lovely living quarters (electricity, fans, showers, etc.) today. The bus arrived at 7AM and we quickly loaded the bus. Our breakfast consisted of a bacon sandwich which we consumed on the road which was followed by devotions. After devotions began our seven-hour journey through villages, small towns and saw MILLIONS of rice patties, dogs, pigs, water buffalo, etc. We had a short stop for a bathroom break and another stop for lunch (another bacon sandwich).

We arrived around 3 PM. We unloaded at the road and a small ox cart carried the heavier baggage in and we carried in the rest. It was about 1/2 mile walk. The girls tents were already set up, so we set up the kitchen and the boys tents. As we were preparing dinner, the winds and rains started which quickly killed the fire and soaked the wood. Two hours later, it was finally ready. I (Beth) was very disappointed as the noodles tasted like mush due to not being able to maintain the fire. However, once they were served (chicken alfredo), they were very good. That had to be the Lord!

After dinner and evening devotions, we all literally fell into bed. It rained most of the night, but most of the tents stayed dry.

Wed. – We awoke bright and early (5:30) and began digging the footers and hauling in the rock and sand. The lady leaders and KP (Cole and Elissa) were frantically trying to get the fire going (and staying) so that the chocolate chip pancakes could be done. We ended up having a bowl of cereal before devotions and the pancakes after devotions. Then it was back to work until lunch. We must be getting the fire thing down because lunch  was only 15 minutes late and consisted of a fresh tossed salad and pepperoni calzones. After lunch we had Bible study and library reading followed by a short free/bath/laundry time. Then it was back to work till dinner. Meanwhile, the KP and lady leaders started dinner right away (and it is finished) because we didn’t want a repeat of last night. We are having rice and chicken with cream of broccoli soup and cheese along with green beans. Dessert will be chocolate cake made by Elissa and Cole and we will be celebrating Ben McWhorter’s birthday who turned 16 today and Rylan Perkins who turned 16 during Boot Camp!

The kids are proving to be hard workers and even the KP wanted to work this afternoon during their free time. They are staying hydrated, but battling sun burns. The sun screen is being shared. It is VERY hot and humid here. We are praying for a drought (a cloudy drought…) during the 12 days we are here.

Right now, I am sitting in a Tut Tut buggy (looks just like an Amish buggy). It is shady and there is a breeze so I have found my new office. The work site is right outside the kitchen and I am enjoying watching the kids work and interact with one another. They are such a joy to work with!!!

Well, I must get back to figuring out our menus until we leave our remote abode…

Right before dinner, a truck showed up with 14 500+lb pillars ready to be unloaded. They worked hard getting them unloaded.

Thursday – Again, we started bright and early at 5:30. Breakfast was at 7:15 and consisted of baked oatmeal, cheerios, and applesauce. After devotions, it was back to work and the team moved the 14 pillars to the appropriate places on the work site. They worked well together as a team to get this gigantic task accomplished. They are all looking forward to stir-fry beef with ramen noodles for lunch. KP (Grace Reyes and Elana Demos) are fixing a yummy apple crisp for dessert at lunch. After all this lifting, they should have some hearty appetites!



  1. Hi, I’m Gracie’s grandmother (Ron’s mom ) and I am so thankful that all is well after so many challenges. It’s great to hear news of what you’re doing. Hi to Gracie and love and prayers for you all……………….

  2. Happy Birthday to my Benjamin!
    Praying everyday for all of you. V

  3. Please give a big hug to our granddaughter Mackenzie Davis. Thanks for the update.

  4. Dear Elena and the rest of the Myanmar/Cambodia team!
    We love you all and miss you but know God is with you–He is your provider, sustainer and loving Father in your work, weariness, and worship! You are all bringing Him GLORY in your humble “obedience born out of faith”:
    Romans 1:5 NLT
    Through Christ, God has given us the privilege and authority as apostles to tell Gentiles everywhere what God has done for them, so that they will believe and obey him, bringing glory to his name.

    It was such a pleasure to have you here at our home for beach and swimming before you left! We also had the privilege of having the Holy Land Team last Sunday for the same and rejoiced that God brought them out of Israel safe and sound where they are now at Boot Camp working hard on the covered sidewalk opposite the Office and today officially entering “Debrief”!

    Elena…your mother misses you A LOT!!!!…but “not enough to cry”!! (Ask Elena what this means!!! It refers to when she was an itty bitty pre-teen off to Canada…she wrote home “I miss you Mom, but not enough to cry.” : )

    Love in Jesus, our Savior and Lord,
    Ann Demos

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