Work progresses for the South Africa team!

Work progresses for the South Africa team!  This week we have startedSouth Africa 2014South Africa 2014South Africa 2014
putting the concrete slabs in between the fence posts to form the
wall.  We have over 15 wall sections completed!  We hope to complete
the entire east side of the fence before we return to the States.  Its
hard to believe how fast our time here is going, but the team
continues to work hard and stay focused on getting as much done as we
can.  Wednesday and Thursday also brought the opportunities to be
involved with MSSM Sunday Schools.  Again this week, we used puppets
to tell the Bible lesson, practiced phonics, and played some games
before the team headed back to the base.  The team members have gotten
to know some of the children in the surrounding area very well and it
is going to be very hard to leave soon.  Wednesday was also a special
day because we celebrated two birthdays—Noah’s and Emily’s.  Elise and
Hannah R. were helping in the kitchen that day and made a pink and
blue cake for them.  They also took Noah’s love for blue to the next
level and made blue tortillas for our tacos that night!  Our days are
long but the evenings are filled with refreshment as we have Bible
study, and team devos.  This week for team devos, Noah, Madeline,
Sammy, and Caity have shared their testimonies.

I’ve been in Africa for almost three weeks now; it’s hard to believe
how fast time is going.  The thing that has struck me the most is how
amazing God is.  I’ve seen it so many different times and in so many
different  ways.  Each day in the sunset, I see God’s glory. I see Him
in the kindness of people and the beauty of Africa.  I have seen God
do so much on this trip, I’m so glad to be here.
-Gracie F.

As our time on the field is coming to the beginning of the end, God
has really been teaching me that not only do I not have to be able to
do things by myself, but I cannot do everything independently of both
my team and God.  The realization hurts, but its good.  My team is
amazing, but not as amazing as our God!
-Hannah H.

I have come to realize that our team is definitely more like brothers
and sisters because friends see each other every once in a while.  Here
we learn to love each other, seeing our ups and downs, knowing our
struggles and goofiness.  Its great!  Also the BMW students on the
South Africa base have been like older brothers and sisters too.  We
got to put in our first wall section a couple of days ago.  It is
SUPER exciting to see it being built.  God is so good.  Thank you for
praying for us.
-Cierra F.

~Romans 15:13~


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  1. I’m so proud of you two, (Hannah R. & Phillip R.), keep up the good work! You two have inspired me, can’t wait to have you back!!

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