Italy team ministering in Florence

The past few days have been spent at Christ is the Answer in Florence.  We have been going out in the Italy 2014Italy 2014Italy 2014Italy 2014mornings with them to evangelize in different parks and squares.  Then we come back to camp to have lunch and classes in the afternoon.  During the late afternoon, we go back out again to evangelize for a few more hours with the members of the camp before coming back for evening meeting and dinner.  Everyone has been enjoying themselves immensely.  There is a team here from Team Mania as well as ourselves and our team has really enjoyed getting to know them.  It has been a huge blessing to spend some time with people from North America.  These past few days have been exhausting for the team and for the leaders, so prayers would be greatly appreciated at this time.  Everyone misses their families and friend a great deal and we want you to know that.  Thank you very much for all you have done to support us.  Until next time! Philippians 4:13

“We have been doing a lot of drama, songs, and evangelism.  Evangelism is one of my favorites.  I love seeing how God works in and through other peoples lives.”- Gabrielle Voorhies

“This year to me is better than last year.  I am really enjoying my time here and I am very looking forward to Greece and working with the Muslims.” – Ryan Vance

“This trip has been such an eye opener to the needs of the world.  Because of geographic differences and our own assumptions in the beliefs of others, many in Italy are unreached with the true Gospel.  Slowly, person by person, more of this beautiful country is becoming aware of the Gospel, our great God, and His wonderful sacrifice.” – Melody Dole

“I can’t believe we’ve been in Italy for over two weeks! In that time we have traversed all over this beautiful country, seeing sights I’d only read about.  The best part of this traveling is that we constantly have people to share God’s love with on busses, trains, metros, etc.  What wonderful conversations I’ve had.
But enough about what’s happened, let’s talk about what we’re currently doing.  On Monday we travelled from Pompeii to Florence, via Naples and Rome.  Lots and lots of trains.  Here in Florence we are staying at a ministry called Christ is the Answer.  The last couple of days we’ve been going out with a few members form Christ is the Answer and doing presentations and after the presentation we’ll go out in groups of two or three and find some people to talk to, or children to sing songs with.  Because our team is so large we often times have to split into two or three groups to do our presentations.  There is another mission team here with Team Mania, it’s great to talk with those team members and share about our experiences.
All of the ministry we’ve done so far has been amazing The Lord has given us countless opportunities to spread the Gospel with this nation.  I cannot wait to see what the Lord does for the remainder of out tine here in Italy, and our week in Greece! God Bless.” – Joel Knox




  1. What a joy it is to read of the group’s experiences in a foreign country ministering to others!
    Having been to Italy on a plush trip; seeing the sights from Milan to the south, never thinking that our grandson would be on a ministering tour one day has been most rewarding.
    We on the home front know that some wonderful stories and memories will be shared by this team and with us.
    Thank you for this Christian leadership mentoring to our youth.

  2. Up early this morning with all of you on my heart. I know that you are in God’s hand but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to get homesick and feel exhausted because of the emotional strain and the heat. I am sure that you are all looking forward to your own beds and a good bath when you get home.
    We are so proud of all of you and pray that you stay focused and that the relationships you make on this amazing journey will enrich each and every one of you. Especially your passion for our Lord.
    hugs grandma ruth

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