Philippines Update

Tuesday and Wednesday the team continued working on the church on the hill in the village. They mixed a lot of Philippines 2014Philippines 2014Philippines 2014Philippines 2014concrete. They hauled over 15 bags of cement up the hill. Wednesday the principal of the school invited us in to do presentations in four classrooms. They sang a few songs, did a drama and David, John, Jeshua and Connor shared a testimony.

Thursday the team finished the floor, roof and septic tank at the church on the hill in the village! The weather was cloudy, making it easier to work and they worked so hard we finished an hour early and were able to do some souvenir shopping in town just before supper. They found wicker purses, necklaces, shirts, sunglasses, hats, coin purses and more! Living in town makes it easy to pop out and do a little shopping or go out for an ice cold coke. Their favorite place to visit is called Infinitea. They serve milkshakes and pizza and it is air-conditioned!

Our faith was shaken…Friday morning while we were doing personal devotions outside we had a very small earthquake. About half the team felt it and only when someone brought it up after devos did some even realize what it was. A few team members felt it was God speaking to them and really focused on what they were reading from that point on.

Friday we plan to do a morning of door to door evangelism and to spend the afternoon swimming and relaxing on the beach. We are also looking forward to a full afternoon of souvenir shopping Saturday after the children’s ministry. This Sunday we are sharing at the Nazarene Church.

The team continues to be healthy, no one has been in the sick tent yet, only a few runny noses and some congestion, that lasts about a day.

From the team:
The Philippines has been an amazing experience. The locals here are so friendly and inviting. The climate is really hot and humid, but the scenery makes up for it. There are a lot of mountains and we are really close to the ocean as well. God has taught me so much during my time here and I can’t wait to see what else I am going to learn while I am on this trip.
– Hannah Peters

So far the past three weeks in the Philippines have been a lot of fun. My team and I have so far built a church, a shelter, put a roof on a schoolhouse and hauled a lot of cement and rock up a hill. One of my favorite days was when we were building a septic tank. During this time I threw a bucket of water out thinking it would go forward, but instead it landed on Ahrissa. A few minutes later though she got me back by accidentally throwing a shovel full of mud on me.
– Emma Maples

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  1. We were sure our granddaughter would come back a “new” women. As we’ve followed her on line we do see her growth. Ahrissa is one of the joys in her grandparents lives. Bless all of you.

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