Mongolia arrives safely in Korea

The Mongolia/S. Korea team arrived safely into S. Korea this morning after traveling all night.  We 24 Mongoliaarrived at our church where we will be ministering this week around 8am & the team was able to grab a little breakfast and then sleep until 1pm.  The team did a presentation at the churches’ 2pm service.  They sang a few songs, did a drama and leader, Ryan Fast, shared his testimony.  The team is enjoying their time back in S. Korea and are eagerly anticipating the begging of the English camp tomorrow morning.

Thank you again for all of your prayers!


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  1. Praise God for your safe return, to God be the Glory!! Team Jesus, embrace every moment of this Divine Appointment entrusted to you by the Lord. Holy Spirit stand your ground in each of their hearts, may your Holy presence engulf them overflowing boldness and courage as they spread Your Word with humility and love. As Christ Jesus shine through each of you, be the salt and light of the world!!! FIGHTING!! :))))) Miss you mama!! Peace and love to you all! God bless you.

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