Hello again from DR!

Hello again! It is so hard to believe that we are going into the home stretch of our time here in the DR! We are so thankful for all 19 Dominicanthe unique experiences and projects that we were able to have and accomplish. Saturday evening the team had fun relaxing and hanging out in the huge pool that is on base here at CEF camp. It’s a wonderful treat to cool off after a long day of work! On Sunday we took a short walk into town to a church where we were able to do a presentation for a group of children. We had so much fun teaching the kids the motions to some of our songs as well as presenting dramas for them. Every time the dramas are so well received and we praise the Lord for that. The team is back to work again today. They are currently pouring more concrete for the sidewalk leading from the chapel up to the main parking lot, as well as doing other landscaping projects. They still have a little ways to go, but we are confident that it’ll be finished by the time we leave! We are planning to go to Juan Dolio on Wednesday, a beach about two hours away. We are so excited to spend more time in the beautiful Caribbean! We have been taking lots of pictures, but it barely captures the warm breeze and gorgeous blue water. We continuously pray for all of you back home. Until next time..

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