Hello from the Old West team

Hello from the Old West team. We are loving our time here in El Nathan. El Nathan is a campground used by different Native American 25 United Statesfamilies as a family camp. We started our project on Saturday morning painting the fellowship hall. On Saturday afternoon, the family camp that was here ended and we were able to move into the dorms. It has been really nice being in the rooms with the nights being cool and sometimes rainy. Friday was sightseeing day and we got to go to the Grand Canyon. It was absolutely beautiful and wonderful to see God’s craftsmanship in the rocks and cliffs. The team really enjoyed the Grand Canyon. On Sunday, we were able to visit The leader Jeremiah’s church. The team got to do two presentations for the church; one for the main service and one for the children’s church. The team also made balloon animals for the children’s church. They had a great time at church and we were very blessed to be there.We are hoping to get the outside of the fellowship hall painted along with Some odd jobs around the Campsite done before we leave and head back to Florida on Friday. Thank you all for your prayers. The Lord has done so much for our team and has provided for us in great ways. We praise Him for is loving kindness and mercy for it was only through Him that this team could Have Come together.
My current location is Flagstaff, AZ. We got here Wednesday afternoon after speeding through Mt. Sinai. Friday we went to see the Grand Canyon. It was gorgeous! The last couple of days we have been painting here. Last night, our leaders did what is called a 3rd world dinner. One person is picked to eat a big glamorous meal from Sizzlers while 2 others eat a normal meal while the rest of the team got a bowl of rice and Sat on the floor (leader input, do not worry, we fed your kids after the lesson was taught :)) I was the lucky team member that ate the Shrimp dinner at Dr. Pepper from Sizzler. It was amazing. And I learned a good lesson that America is more well off then we think we are and I should never say I am starving again. I miss you and love you friends a family.
Kalaya Beyer



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  1. Jessica McMullen

    So proud of the leaders, team member and my son AJ for the work you gals and guys have done!!

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