Madagascar ministers to over 200 children and adults

Dear Parents of your Wonderful – Super Madagascar MSSM Team Member. THANK YOU for your continued prayer support 22 Madagascaras God is working through us, protecting us, and blessing us. We had a second opportunity to pass out Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes this past Saturday 7/26 and a third opportunity this past Sunday 7/27 – PTL! We have finished our MSSM Circuit Ministry and we praise our Awesome God for this terrific opportunity to minister to the precious little ones and adults. We camped out on the circuit last week, staying at a school location. During our stay, a number of the village children visited us each day at our location. We rented an Oxcart to carry the shoeboxes from our location to our second shoebox distribution location as the truck could not travel to the location due to a bridge that could not hold the truck’s weight. The Sunday Schools were fantastic and a super opportunity to minister and be with the many children and adults. We ministered to over 200 children and adults this past Saturday 7/26 with an EV presentation prior to passing out the shoeboxes. PTL for this opportunity. Sunday 7/27 saw over 600 children and over 300 adults in attendance as we had a real blessing to be part of the Shoebox Distribution – PTL! 🙂 Our plans for this coming week are as follows (subject to change): Wednesday 7/30 and Thursday 7/31 will see us traveling to an area with a falls and cave plus Lemurs in the wild. Friday 8/1 Saturday 8/2 will be our pack out days along with a 14 hour bus ride to the capital city (Tana) on Saturday 8/2. We will overnight in Tana on Sunday 8/3 and catch our flight to Joburg, South Africa on Monday 8/4. We overnight at the TMI South Africa base Tuesday 8/5 and catch our flight to the USA, arriving in Washington-Dulles on Wednesday 8/6. We arrive at Debrief on Wednesday 8/6 around 7 or 7:30PM. You can send emails to your precious teen at Debrief utilizing the same email address as the Boot Camp address. Snail mail can also be sent utilizing the Boot Camp address. Following are a brief summary of our trip to date from your great teen:

From Ben: “The opportunity that our team had to live in tents on the circuit was such a blessing. I feel like the culture, the people, God’s creation, and our things are much more obvious than when we are in dorms. Being on the circuit can be frightening at times – not knowing what’s out there, what this sound or that sound was. Having that fear forces you to trust solely on God. God is definitely at work in Madagascar and in me.”

From Jessie: “The past 2 weeks have been amazing – being able to do Sunday Schools and be actual circuit riders. My favorite part was probably passing out shoe boxes as well as riding. God definitely kept us safe while riding with all of our obstacles we hit. I didn’t realize how far back the Sunday Schools were and how many kids they had.”

From Justin: “My two weeks in Mahajanga have been different than expected, but fun. The best part has been being able to preach the Gospel to the people. The biggest piece of advice that I can give is to make yourself available and be ready to do anything at anytime without any notice; if you do this, God will use you. We don’t know how many people have come to Christ because of our ministry this summer, but we do know God will use what we’ve done; His Word will not return void. To God be the glory!”

From Christian: “Life on the road in Madagascar was exciting. The rides are exhilarating and sometimes they are rough and hard to drive through. I have fallen off a couple of times, but I have learnerd to trust the Lord. The Sunday Schools have gone extremely well and our team has bonded beyond what I could ever imagine. Life is good.”

From Danya: “I really enjoyed riding on the circuit. Praise God that none of the team members got hurt! We had such a gret time teaching Sunday Schools. I was blessed to be able to teach the story of King Saul and David. This trip has been an amazing experience!”

From Mary Margaret: Sharing Christ’s love hand hpe over the past few weeks has been an amazing experience. The kids are so enthusiastic and attentive and a huge blessing. Our team had the opportunity to pass out shoeboxes and it was so encouraging to see the joy in the room.”

From Scott: “We spent two week on the circuit here in Madagascar, and the two weeks were some of the most memorable weeks of my life. Going from village to village teaching kids and adults was fun and exciting. It was a great experience to play with all the kids and make up fun games to play with them all. Our team also grew so much together and become even closer than before. It has been such a blessing to be part of the circuit riders life.”

From Lauren: “The two weeks on the circuit was a different and enjoyable experience. Driving to the Sunday Schools was difficult, but seeing the countryside and the people was amazing. I loved playing with the kids and watching them learn about God in their own language.”

From Brittany: “My 2 weeks on the circuit were such a blessing! Being surrounded by kids constantly was amazing! It was really cool to experience what a circuit riders life is like! Being on the circuit was amazing.”

From Zac: “My summer has been an amazing time. Being on the circuit has been a life changing experience. I feel so blessed to have been a part of MSSM in Madagascar.”

From Abby: “The past two weeks on the circuit have been incredible. Seeing kids laugh at puppets, or listening intently to a Bible story has been awesome.”

From Erin: “The circuit has been a life changingj experience. The children show us how fortunate we are to live in the USA. The children are so happy to receive just the littlest of things. I am so glad to be on this team. It has taught me a lot.”

From Haley: “This trip has had many ups and major downs. I have broken my arm, my bucket busted, many of my summer work papers got soaked, I got super sick, my pictures all got deleted, and many more. But I am learning perserverance. The perserverance is giving me strength and I hope to learn even more, and find joy in my sufferings.”

From Mellina: “Our time on the circuit was an incredible way to see Madagascar and to share God’s love to so many people. I’m sad that our time on the circuit is over, but I’m very thankful for the experience that we had.”

From Danae: “My 2 weeks on the circuit were fantastic! It was so much fun hanging out with the kids when we would play games before and after the SS. I usually did choreographing during puppets and it was really great to see the kids excitement. They were attentive to what we had to say. I also enjoyed the driving portion. I feel more confident as a driver now!”

From all of us – Linda, Sylvia, Andrew, Joe and our fantastic TMI Madagascar MSSM Team – We love you all, Thank You for your continued prayer support, and we all are looking forward in Jesus 🙂 – our Awesome God and Savior – PTL!




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