Myanmar/Cambodia Update

I am sitting here under the pole barn as it is the coolest place on campus. However, “cool” isn’t exactly describing how HOT it really Myanmar 2014Myanmar 2014Myanmar 2014Myanmar 2014is here in Cambodia. As I look south, though, there appear to be rain clouds coming our way very soon. That will be a welcome relief as it will drop the temperatures to a tolerable level (that is until the sun comes back out). Most of the evenings are tolerable, but last night, there wasn’t a breeze, so it was very hot in the tents. The team is staying well hydrated, but having to wear extra clothes to prevent the sunburn. They all laugh at their “farmer’s tans” and work glove lines.

The work project is moving along at a rapid pace. I am constantly amazed at their work ethics, despite the temperatures. All 14 pillars are now in place. It looks like we may be continuing the building “Cambodia style” by putting on the roof before laying the brick or pouring the floors. In addition to the building project, the team has been helping to set up the Boot Camp, including the Obstacle Course, showers, dig toilets, and other various things that need to be done.

Right now, the team is in “free time” and most are catching up on their laundry. The nice thing is that the clothes don’t take long to dry! And they usually get a second fresh-water rinse with the afternoon rain showers.

There are 10 Cambodian students/interns here right now and the team is enjoying fellowshipping with them. There are also four puppies that are getting spoiled by the team. The leaders arrive tomorrow for Leader’s Seminar and the team members for the Cambodian Boot Camp arrive on the 1st. Please pray for a good turn out for the Boot Camp.

Tomorrow, we plan on attending a local church. Due to our remote location, that will be our one time off of the property for the week we have been here (except for KP who usually go to the local market daily with Eliza to get fresh veggies).

We are sad that we only have another week here. We will be leaving for Siem Reap on Aug. 3 and then on to Hong Kong on the 5th. We will be staying at the Siem Reap base while we are there (beds and fans – YEA!!!!).

Thank you for your prayers. We are feeling them!!!!


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  1. two of our youth are with this team: McKenzie and Nevada. Praying for you all.
    Unrelated to their trip, our son, who lives in Japan, is visiting Siem Reap this week!

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