Philippines visits the beach

Friday the team went to the beach. The rains came soon after we arrived, but we stayed for 3 hours anyway. Most of the Philippines 2014Philippines 2014Philippines 2014Philippines 2014team was in the water the whole time! They found lots of shells.

Saturday we had the children come to the church for a few hours. We taught them songs and performed a drama and did puppets. Saturday we did our big souvenir shopping. We walked and walked and walked…and guess what, it was raining. It rained from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning. I guess that makes it nice for our work schedule, and we have gotten used to the fact that when it starts raining it doesn’t stop for a long time!

Sunday morning the team attended a Nazarene church. Connor gave the message after the team was done with their presentation. He did a great job talking about natural fears, people in the Bible who were not afraid because of knowing God and then about how we are to fear The Lord. Sunday afternoon there was a big birthday celebration at the church for one of the youth turning 18. We were invited to participate in the whole afternoon of games and traditional giving of encouragement and compliments.

Monday the team spent the whole day out in the village doing presentations and visiting homes.

Tuesday is the beginning of Ramadan, so we will not be going out to the villages. Businesses and schools will be closed. We will spend our time cleaning up the church property and clearing the land to prepare it for building a parsonage building in the future.

Things are going so well. We have a great team and it will be hard to see it come to an end. Most everyone is healthy, although we seem to be passing around a head cold and cough, which is mostly affecting the guys. Thank you to all our supporters and families for all your prayers. Pray that everyone will get mail before we leave. There are some who still haven’t received any. Some letters have been taking 3 weeks to get here!

Yes we are also looking forward to our time in Hong Kong next week and making those phone calls home once we arrive back in the States:)

From the Team:
Today we got to sing and do so plays for them. It was so exciting to see all of the smiles on the on the kids faces. We also got to teach the wonderful news about The Lord to all the families in the village. I am just thankful for God letting us be able to teach the great news about Him to all the families in the Philippines. The Lord is good.
– John Daniel Baggott

This summer has been totally amazing. It is hard to think that it is coming close to an end. God has taught me so much throughout this summer and I can’t wait to see what else He teaches me. I have been able to make a bunch of friends and have bonded quite well with everyone on my team. Today we were able to go evangelizing in a village we have been working at. It was really eye opening to see how welcoming everyone was and to hear all their stories of how the typhoon affected their family.
– Hannah Peters

This trip has been very humbling and eye opening for me. When we go and evangelize to the people in the villages, we get to hear the stories of how their houses were destroyed, family members lost and how they tried to survive after the typhoon. But the thing that gets me is how they still choose to be joyful, even after a terrible disaster. They have shown that no matter what problem you may face to choose joy and trust God. If the people here can, I know I can.
– Aaron Beals

This summer has been the best summer of my life! The main reason is that God really reveled Himself to me and showed me how great of a thing it is to serve Him! The second reason is the awesome people that make up my team. The closer I get to leaving, the less homesick I am, because I realize how much I am going to miss them all. This has been the best summer of my life. God has truly blessed me!
– Jeshua Moore

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