S. Africa enjoys sightseeing day

The team awoke Friday morning excited to work with much to look forward to for the weekend. The previous Sunday the 28 South Africasouth team had been invited to attend the youth group of the church we attended. What the team did not know was we would be kicking it off by having burgers and cake with the couple who is here to build the tabernacle. After an awesome time we shipped out to youth group, joining the African teens in worship and Bible Study. After stumbling out of bed Saturday morning, eating a delicious cinnamon flop for breakfast the team ventured to our first sight seeing day. The location of the day was Hartbeesport where we were able to souvenir shop, hunting down gifts for loved ones and purchasing things that spiked our own personal interests. Upon returning to base the team had the opportunity to make necklaces from wood used to make the tabernacle. Saturday concluded with relaxing and memory verse practice. A verse that encouraged us all was Nehemiah 4:6 “So build we the wall and all the wall was joined together unto the half thereof for the people had the mind to work”. On Sunday the team was blessed with visiting another church. This church was a pavilion church and held many smiling faces of kids eager to play and latch on to our hearts. The team switched things up in their presentation by having Hannah Hallifax share her testimony. After church we were able to play some more with the children while others, Noah and Savannah had the opportunity to share some of their favorite songs with others. Sunday evening proved to be very entertaining with verse quizzing and a game Lydia Nyhuis brought to the team she called paper trail. Elizabeth Vigotty shared what God has put on her heart during devotions and finally the team went to bed knowing they only had 5 more days to work on the wall God has set before us. Monday was a very productive day, seeing the wall come together is uplifting and drives us on to completion. Emily wraps up the day by presenting her devotion, and we all look forward to tomorrows Safari trip. Praise God for another day and giving us His word to bring to the nations.


I am having a great time here still. I love Sundays and getting to play with the kids at the churches. I am so proud of y great team and how far we got on our wall and just how God has been helping us through it all

~Sammy Jensen


Here in South Africa God has been teaching me to be content. I can’t change the past. I really can’t do anything about the future except completely trust that His plan is best, and right now I can just focus on growing in Him and loving people.



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