Madagascar visiting waterfall

Our time in Madagascar is coming to a close so we are taking every moment captive while we still have them. This week we were 22 Madagascarblessed by the arrival of Mr. Bland and Miss Kathy Vanderpool for a brief few days, and we enjoyed many wonderful memories together. We are excited to go tomorrow to a waterfall oasis near a grouping of caves. We will spend the night there and have fellowship together by the fire and in the open air. After we return we will head down to the capital and prepare to make our journey home. Thank you for your love and support and your constant prayer. The team is anxious to see you all again, and they send there love. Greetings from Erin, Zach, Danya, Jessie, Danae, Mellina, Justin, Christian, Ben, Lauren Brittany, Abby, Haley, Mary Margaret, and Scott. Joe, Linda, Silva, and Andrew also send their love. See you all very soon!





  1. Papa and Grand D


    Papa and I are longing to see you and hear of the way in which the Lord has shown you just how great HE is..may He cover you and your team as you journey HOME..

    We love you,
    Grand Dee and PaPa..

    I will have a glass of bubble tea for you!!

  2. Papa and Grand D


    We can’t wait to see you and hear what the Lord has shown you..We are so proud of you and will pray for a safe journey HOME..

    All our love,
    Grand D and Pa Pa

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