Cameroon team update

All has been going well with our soldiers for Christ. We have spent the last few days preparing for our final stretch of the trip. WeCameroon 2014image will be spending Friday experiencing shopping in an African market. We will then finish the last of our foot washing on Saturday at our base. We then will head down to the capital on Monday. We were blessed to be invited to the Schilinski’s house, who were former BMW students and are now working with Win Our Nations in Cameroon. We have had a blast eating, worshipping, and just spending time in fellowship.



Wow! God has taught me sooo much this summer. One thing in particular is learning how to pray. Not only just to pray, but to be in constant prayer. On the bus ride back form the first unit, someone felt sick so we decided to pray. Only a minute after we said amen, she picked up her head and said how much better she felt. What an awesome God we serve.



I have been learning a lot this summer. God has taught me about how much I need Him and how important having a relationship with Him is. I have learned that when I don’t do devotions (at home), I only harm myself.



God has been teaching me a lot. One of the things He’s been teaching me is that I need to trust Him with everything and that HIs timing is perfect. He’s also been teaching me to praise Him in all that I do and everything I say.



God has really opened my eyes on this trip. I have learned how to trust God so much through a lot of things. God has helped me endure tough times. I have learned to completely have faith and trust in the Lord.



This summer God has really been teaching me how powerful prayer is, and how much power God’s name has. It is hard to realize how powerful prayer is back home, because we pray a 10 cent prayer and then don’t pursue that prayer again. If we want a billion dollar miracle, we need a million dollar prayer.



This summer has been fantastic! God has really been teaching me about true joy. All the children we’ve served have been so happy and joyful even though they have nothing.



This summer God has really been teaching me that I need to praise Him through everything I do and say. I’ve found myself praising Him in the good AND bad times. Psalm 150 talks all about praising God in all things. It has really inspired me to just praise the Lord.



God has been teaching me this summer that prayer is really important. Normally at home I did the usual routine of praying before meals and at night sometimes. I realized at Boot Camp that prayer is an important aspect in your relationship with God.



God has taught me so much on this trip. I am currently learning to trust God fully in every aspect of my life. God is a big, loving God, and He cares for me. He wants what is the best for me, but He can give it to me only if I trust Him with everything I have.





  1. Papa and Grand D

    Madalyn Joy Frye

    We cannot wait to see you and hug you and hear of the ways that the Lord worked in your life..what a changeling and rewarding decision that you made-one that will change your life forever..we are so proud of you and may the Lord spread His arms around you and your team and leaders as your make your journey home..

    Grand D and Papa

  2. Wow it is so great to hear how God is working on these kids and little do they know how much we are being impacted here at home

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