DR Update

Hello! It’s been a hot one today! The team is finishing the last stretch of sidewalk today. The team only has 3 more days of work! It’s 19 Dominicanbeen a blessing to be able to work here at the CEF base and getting to know all of the staff (and even learning a little bit of Spanish!). The ladies in the kitchen are very gracious and often times we will eat meals with the camp and get to enjoy a little bit of the Dominican cuisine. Although the camps of kids can sometimes be overwhelming, we know that God is doing incredible things through all of the children and adults that come to help out.  The Lord truly works in wonderful ways. Yesterday (Wednesday) we went to the Playa Juan Dolio (which means Juan Dolio Beach).  It was about a 2 hour drive away but it was definitely worth it.  There, the sea is turquoise and coconut palms grow on the sand.  It is more of a natural, “unspoiled” tourist spot.  The team was praying for waves to play in, and those prayers were definitely answered! Some of us enjoyed swimming out to a small reef and seeing tropical fish and lots of coral. The water was warm and the constant breeze made it the perfect day of relaxing on the Caribbean! We pray for you all at home continuously and look forward to seeing you in just a couple short weeks! Please be in prayer for us as we finish up our work here. Until next time….

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