Honduras team will miss the children’s home

I know we keep saying it, but Honduras is so beautiful! Last night the power went out, and as we walked in the dark, the sky was full of stars. We often walk in the dark, but with the power off they were so noticeable. The same kind of thing has been true for our team. We are living a simpler life here, away from many distractions, and this combined with intentional time spent with God has let us see so many  amazing things. God has really been at work in the hearts of the Honduras team. Each morning after personal devotions we have a time of sharing. It is such a blessing to hear how God is speaking, and many of the messages are applicable to the team as well. After sharing we sing a song and get straight to work. This time spent with God in the peace of the morning is so uplifting for the rest of the day.

This team continues to spend a lot of time hard at work. They have been painting beams, posts, and fences, trimming greenery, Honduras 2014Honduras 2014and raking today, which is a nice break from the heavy work they were doing the last few days. The goal was to finish a computer lab/classroom building by the end of our trip, and with only a few work days left the team was dripping with sweat as they shoveled, carried wheelbarrows of dirt, and a leveled the floors. There was even a friendly competition to see which group could level their floor first. We hope the last little bit of leveling will be completed today. In addition to all the physical labor, each day six team members run a short program for the children’s home with songs, games and bible stories. Spending time with the kids is one of their favorite times. Last night we joined the kids for their weekly chapel service that they run. It’s inspiring to hears them lift their voices in praise and take turns thanking God for the many things he has blessed them with. After the service there are hugs all around. The team has built strong friendships with the kids here, and leaving on Wednesday will be very difficult. We are so grateful for this children’s home: for friendships with the kids,  guidance of the staff, the work we have accomplished here, and our own space to be as a team. God is so good!


“Honduras is so gorgeous here when it’s not raining. I feel that we as a team have learned an appreciation for all of the luxuries we Americans and Canadians have in our everyday lives. The kids here are awesome. All of the kids here are sow welcoming to us and always eager to laugh at us when we mispronounce  a word or a sentence. While I’ve been here I’ve learned a lot about how little some people have and yet they are some of the happiest people you could possibly meet.”    -Cody Humphrey

“Hey everyone, I’m doing great! this summer has been an amazing experience for me. The past week has been really hard for me, as I’ve been homesick and not feeling too great. So I decided to pray about it, and now I’m feeling a lot better. I’ve been praying every days and journaling. I’ve learned through this that God answers prayers. I still miss my family and friends back home, especially my niece, but through daily devoid and prayers God has taught me that I made amazing friends here which are like family. My summer has been physically and mentally hard, but through God’s strength made it. Our God truly is an awesome God.”         -Courtney Brenner-Kincaid

“Being in Honduras has been amazing. Since we don’t have electronics there hasn’t been a lot of distractions to take us away from God and the work here. I’ve heard God’s voice and felt his presence several times while I’ve been here, and I’ve acquired a passion for God that I hope to spread with my friends and family back home.”    -Sarah Payne




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