Malawi #2 pumping water

Today marks our last full day in the village of Kawale. We are busy trying to finish up the well while also packing and preparing 10 Malawifor the safari tomorrow and then our final journey to Chipoka.  We praise the Lord that a missionary living in Malawi was able to arrive Tuesday morning from Lilongwe to assist us with the well. He said that we had already hit what looks like water and so we did not need to drill deeper. From then on we used his pump as they reamed out the hole with the four inch bit. Wednesday the team finished the four inch hole while waiting for the pipe casing that would be the next step. Josiah and Bethany, our missionaries, arrived from Chipoka around 5 pm after stopping in Lilongwe to get the casing for the hole. The team made a water run just before dark and that night we had great fellowship in our group devotions. This morning the team pulled out the pipes and then sanded down the casing to fit. They put in the submersible pump and pumped water for a solid 2 hours without it running dry- Praise the Lord! It was the most water the other missionary had seen come from a well in Malawi.

We are all healthy and the team has been working and praying hard for the completion of the well. We truly appreciate your prayers in these last crucial moments of our project. The Lord has blessed our team this summer and the team is looking forward to our last few days in Malawi.

Well, I got with my second team safely week and a half ago. At first it was difficult to get situated, used to a different wake up call and used to different people, but God has helped me so much. He has helped me with making friends and my spiritual walk with him. I’m not as homesick as I expected to be at this time. Anyways, the weather here is gorgeous! It’s cool almost all day and the sky is so clear that we can see the stars perfectly. I’m excited to get home and spend time with my family and friends. I’m also excited to share the many stories I have. To my family – I love you bunches and I can’t wait to see you in about a week! – Mackenzie  Todd

Hey, ya’ll! Today’s our last work day at the village and we are all praying for a miracle so that we’ll be able to completely finish the well today. I’m super excited to go sight seeing and possibly be clean for more than three hours. But I know I’m going to miss the hard work that keeps us so busy and the BMW students who seem just like a part of the team. I’m looking forward to going home but not looking forward to saying goodbye to my team and all the friends I made this summer. I have learned so much while being in Africa that I feel like a different person. Thank you to everyone who made this summer possible. You have no idea how much your prayers have helped us. XOXO to my family and friends, I love you! – Joelle Valentine


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