South Africa team enjoys a safari!

The safari on Tuesday was a huge success! We saw three of Africa’s “Big Five” which includes elephant, lion, leopard, rhino, and 28 South Africawater buffalo. Phillip was super excited to see a few rhinos one being a baby rhino. Madeline saw many of her favorite animal, the elephant. One elephant walked right alongside our mini bus which was very exciting. We also followed three lions as they walked through the grass alongside the road. Elizabeth was hoping all day to see an ostrich and saw not one, but two ostriches close to the end of the day. All in all the day was a huge blessing. The team worked very hard Wednesday and at the days end all the sections of the east wall were built. Sammy and Gracie also started mortaring the wall on Wednesday and on Thursday all the mortar was in. All that is needed now is the barbed wire and the wall will be complete! Also on Thursday Phillip and Cierra were able to put up 12 poles in record time for a south section of the wall the team has set out to do. Friday the sides will be put up and mortared, then fitted with barbed wire on saturday to finish it all off. The team is super excited to see all their hard work coming together and to finish what we have set out to do. Praise God!


These past four weeks have been really interesting. We have got to learn so much. And I got to put in a whole wall! I feel like we have gotten so far and close as a team. I thank God for my time here.

~Noah Sibbit


Now that I have gotten over the cold weather, South Africa is great. Spending our days building our Dr. Sues wall and digging holes until we drop. MSSM is also a fun experience for me. Getting to play with all the little kids is amazing. I really do love it here and want to come back some day to have more experiences.

~Hannah Renton


Being in South Africa with this team has taught me patience, perseverance and most of all how to trust God in everything I do. I see him work in little ways, i.e. finding things and in big ways; i.e. the salvation of many people I can’t wait to see how else he is going to work.

~Savannah Roberts





  1. Praying for the team. That God will use this experience to mold and shape them for His greater purpose. That the seeds planted in their lives, as well as the lives they have ministered to will bear fruit in His time.

  2. Praying for the team. That God will use this experience in each members life to teach them more of who He is. Not only today, but in the years to come as they reflect back on this summer. God does not allow His word to go out void. Where the seeds are planted- He will continue to prune and care for so that all will bear His fruit.

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