Mongolia/Korea Update

Hello from South Korea!

The past week has been a busy one. We arrived at the Incheon airport early sunday morning where we met Joanna, our Mongolia 2014Mongolia 2014Mongolia 2014missionary. From there we took a bus to the location of the English Camp we have been helping to run. Everyone was exhausted at that point due to the late night/early morning travel, so some well-deserved rest was very much in order. That Sunday we went to an early afternoon church service at the charismatic church that is hosting the camp. The team presented some songs and a drama which the congregation enjoyed, and Ryan Fast shared his testimony and a little bit about Teen Missions.


Monday our team got to meet the kids (and adults) they will be teaching English to. They range in age from seven to thirty and were placed in four different skill levels based on age and knowledge of the English language. Teaching has been an eye opening experience for many of the kids and they have learned a lot from the experience. God has been stretching them in many different ways this trip and some very valuable lessons have been learned. The teaching is almost completely team member-led and both the Koreans and North Americans seem to be enjoying the process. At night some of the team members led by Dan Zettlemoyer hold a worship service for everyone to enjoy before a Korean message is given.


On Tuesday night the team gave a 45 minute presentation to the Koreans that included puppets, songs, dramas and a testimony by Colton Kostner. A good time was had by all and God was given glory through it.


Communication is difficult at times, but with the help of several Korean translators, the language barrier has been far from insurmountable and a lot of progress has been made in the English vocabulary of the students. Our kids love the Koreans (and vice versa) and it will be hard to say goodbye Saturday morning. The camp will soon be coming to an end, and we are all very thankful for this opportunity that God has allowed us to participate in. We are looking forward to some relaxing tour days in the near future and a trip back to America is on the horizon.


We appreciate your prayers as we bring this summer to a close. God’s hand is clearly visible in everything that has been going on this past seven weeks, and we are very excited to see what He will lead us to do in the coming days.


Here are a few testimonies from other team members:

John Self- Life on the field has been pretty exciting. I got he privilege to talk to people from other countries. Mongolia was definitely a challenge spiritually, but through Bible studies the Holy Spirit put something on my heart that made me conifer mission work as a possibility for the future. The work, which we were doing with the kids, made an impact on me. Looking at their lives made me realize that I have nothing to complain about. The children in South Korea are wild and crazy bit are filled with excitement when working with English speaking people. Through the journeys and opportunities that I have experienced I have learned the importance of being a missionary.


Caleb Lee- Running an overseas boot camp has been an exciting and exhausting experience. It makes me appreciate what they do in Florida (love you guys). We got to see these kids grow together, work together, and worship God together. Commissioning night I saw them march out of the big top to go and serve the Lord. It made me so happy and sad all at once. We bonded with the kids, played with them and taught them all we know. I myself reenacted an imaginary light saber duel with some of the Mongolian kids that was of epic proportions. I had no idea Mongolians were so talented in the force. Anyway, I will miss them so much, each one of those kids have great potential in Christ, and we planted seeds.


Elise Bunn- I really have a heart for Mongolia now and am really sad that we had to leave. However, Korea has also been fantastic. I really enjoy working with the kids and sharing God’s word. In addition, I am really surprised about how close our team got. I vale all of my relationships on the team and I hope these friendships will last when we all go home here shortly. I know that it will be difficult separating from them ager this wonderful trip, but it’s also going to be wonderful to see my family and share what I have learned.


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