Last field report from Mongolia

It’s hard to believe that this is going to be our last report from the field.  These past few weeks seem to have Mongolia 2014Mongolia 2014Mongolia 2014Mongolia 2014flown by & each time we have to leave another ministry it grieves us.  This past week we wrapped up our time teaching English at a Child Evangelism Fellowship camp.  The team members did an amazing job at adapting their lesson plans to meet the needs of the students.  We also enjoyed teaching the students some of our favorite children’s worship songs in English.  A favorite among the Korean students was “Give me a ‘J.’”  When Saturday morning finally came around everyone was sad to part.

The hospitality we have received here in Korea has been amazing!  People have made us numerous meals, which have been amazing, given us gifts & offered us their best so that we can remain comfortable.  The team has enjoyed every meal made for us.  Today we went to church at our host missionary, Joanna Shinn.  It was great to worship with other believers.  After church Joanna and her family too us out to pizza for dinner.  It was amazing to have pizza that tasted as delicious as what we may have at home.  Tomorrow we plan on heading up to Seoul for a day of sightseeing.  Then on Tuesday the Shinn family plan on taking the team to a local water park.  We are all sad that our time is drawing to an end.

Please pray for us as we prepare to return to Florida for Debrief on Wednesday.  Pray that the jet leg will not effect us too much as we experience Debrief with the other TMI teams.

The team was asked to summarize your summer in one sentence and this is what they said:

Courtney Franco – I keep growing in God everyday and I won’t stop.

Jordan Anderson – This summer has stretched and challenged me in ways I never anticipated; I’ve grown in faith, love physical and mental strength and I’me extremely thankful for the opportunity to serve on a TMI team.

John Self – This summer has challenged me spiritually to be in the Word more each day and to learn more about interacting with people who do not know the Lord.

Daniel Zettelmoyer – I was challenged this summer to dwell on the Word more than I have in the past.

Colton Kostner – This has been the best TMI team I’ve been on, I feel like I’ve grown spiritually, mentally and physically and I wouldn’t trade this summer for anything else.

Samantha Groves – There are no words that can describe this summer! God has moved in so many ways, I have grown closer to him and the is team is like family to me.  I love them so much!

Joshua Burd – This summer was a spectacular summer, it not only challenged me spiritually, by challenging me physically, and this summer I will never for get.

Caleb Ling – “A Haiku” Twenty-one new friends, discovering new cultures, more growth than ever.

Sarah Weaver – God has truly blessed me this summer with an amazing team, new friends that I’ve made here in Asia and the opportunity to build my relationship with Him.

Brianna Grey – This summer has simply been amazing and I’m thankful for responding to God’s voice by going on this team.

Veronica Rodriguez – This summer has been about serving the Lord, planting seeds, spreading God’s word and personally getting closer to Him in my walk.

Elise Bunn – This summer really grew my faith and understanding, it changed me, completely.

Reagan McLaughlin – The opportunity to come on this trip was well worth taking.  It has been a complete blessing to meet and become close to my team members, the Mongolians, the Koreans and most importantly God.

Irina Peters – This summer has been a great opportunity just to see the love children have for the Lord and how they want to serve Him.

Aubrey Swietzer – This summer allowed me to change and allowed me to change others; It revived my faith and reminded me why missions is my calling.

Caleb Lee – This summer I have grown spiritually more than I have any other time in my life.

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