Myanmar/Cambodia back in Siem Reap

Please note: The following report was sent a few days ago, however, it was not received at the office, so they resent it. The Myanmar 2014Myanmar 2014Myanmar 2014Myanmar 2014Myanmar 2014Myanmar 2014Myanmar 2014Myanmar 2014Myanmar 2014Myanmar 2014imageMyanmar 2014Myanmar 2014Myanmar 2014team is now back in Siem Reap…

What a week!

Sunday – After a breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon, then we had devotions and the team headed off in two groups in the truck to church. Most of the attendees were children which the team thoroughly enjoyed playing with (duck duck goose is a favorite). During the service, Elena Demos and Truman McKay shared their testimonies and the team shared a couple of songs. Thomas Clyde shared a short message. After a dinner of Kraft Mac and Cheese (a team favorite) for the last time, the afternoon was spent working on their verse reviews and relaxing in the heat. Following dinner, we had a quiz-off and all three teams tied with 80 points! Madison Pound shared during evening devotions and was on the “hot seat” (as is everyone after their evening devotions). It was hard to tell if she was blushing or just sunburned :).

Monday found us up at 5 AM and after a snack of cinnamon bread, it was off to work. The heat was again an issue, but the team pushed hard (and I was constantly reminding them to stay out of the sun when resting and to drink water). I am thankful at how healthy they are staying, despite the heat!  We poured the footers in the morning and laid brick. Some are better at it than others…We had our usual afternoon storm which dropped the temperature. After dinner we divided up for our GG classes and a major storm approached. The girls were in the kitchen watching their tents get blown around and down. After shifting to behind the kitchen where the boys were, we said a quick prayer and sent them to their tent to salvage what they could. All I heard was lots of giggling and laughing. They had such good attitudes! The drier tents acquired new occupants.

Today is Wednesday and we are preparing to pour the floor! Right now, they are hauling in rock and asking what is for lunch. We have enjoyed a good cloud cover today! Now it is late afternoon, but we were unable to return to work due to heavy rains. Thursday morning – Up at 5 AM and after a snack of cinnamon bread, the team began pouring the floor. I will end this here so that your kids can eat. Will be going to KC to send this report this afternoon.

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